Trump Just Got The BEST Revenge On CNN

On Friday evening, right-leaning cable network Newsmax beat out CNN in terms of total viewers across prime time, due to former President Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania rally.

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Newsmax’s coverage of the rally averaged 738,000 total viewers between 8 and 10 p.m., which lifted the network’s total average across prime time to 579,000 viewers.

CNN, meanwhile, only averaged a total of 545,000 prime time viewers, with its highest-rated prime time program, Anderson Cooper 360, bringing in some 645,000 total viewers.

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While Newsmax drew in a large audience to see Trump speak, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson maintained his audience at 8 p.m., bringing in 2.85 million total viewers. Carlson’s show ranked as the second-highest watched program in all of cable news for the day, just behind Fox News’ The Five, which brought in 3.15 million total viewers.

Fox News’ decision not to air Trump’s rallies has made headlines before and raised a few eyebrows as some observers questioned whether or not the move indicated a break with Trump.

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Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy told The Washington Post earlier in the year of his decision to cover the rallies, saying, “We can’t speak to Fox News’ decisions, but we believe this rally was a significant news event that was worthy of coverage.”

A major difference between Fox and Newsmax, however, is its regular programming. Newsmax is willing to sacrifice two hours of its programming for a Trump rally, something Fox clearly is not as its regular programming already brings in one of the biggest audiences on cable.