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TRUMP KEEPS WINNING: Following East Palestine Trip, Trump Surges

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Since November, when he announced his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, former President Donald Trump has gained a significant amount of Republican support in the polls.

Since then, Trump has remained the leading contender, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in second place, albeit much behind Trump, and a variety of other candidates including former vice president Mike Pence, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

Haley is the only other contender who has publicly declared a candidacy in addition to Trump.

About the candidates, grassroots forces have begun to emerge.

Federal officials mostly disregarded the railway crash and associated environmental disaster in East Palestine, Ohio for three weeks, with only EPA personnel arriving to investigate the situation.

President Joseph Biden opted to depart the nation on an impromptu vacation rather than visit the site, while Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg did not visit the site until after Trump announced his intention to visit, booked the visit, and made the visit.

Trump not only visited the railway accident scene and the citizens of East Palestine, but he also took with him hundreds of bottles of water, cans of food, and gallons of cleaning materials for the residents.

He brought all first responders to McDonald’s for a dinner before any current government agency head had even entered the city.

Although while leftist media attempted to portray Trump’s visit as a “photo op,” the reality that he was there assisting people while Biden and Buttigieg were absent was not lost on the majority of Americans.

A fresh survey released today indicates that Donald Trump’s advantage over other probable Republican presidential contenders continues to grow.

The Emerson College survey reveals that a staggering 55 percent of registered Republican voters selected Trump as their favorite candidate.

DC Enquirer notes that this trend continues from Emerson’s January survey, in which Trump also received 55% of the vote.

The poll also places Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in second place with 25%, former Vice President Mike Pence in third place with 8%, Nikki Haley (the only other candidate in this poll who has announced a candidacy) in fourth place with 5%, and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott in fifth place with 2%.

This poll continues to show what is becoming a consistent trend among Republican primary voters; Trump is the clear frontrunner.

The DC Enquirer continues:

In a poll conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, Trump had the support of 42% of primary voters. DeSantis remained in second with 26%, while Nikki Haley garnered only 6% of the vote. It is noteworthy to analyze the timing of the two polls. The McLaughlin poll was conducted prior to Trump’s visit to East Palestine, Ohio last week (February 17-23), while the Emerson poll was conducted after Trump’s visit to East Palestine (Feb. 24-25).

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Trump’s visit was viewed as a great political move to showcase the lack of awareness and focus of the Biden administration. CONTINUE READING…

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