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Trump Lays Out Plan To ‘Obliterate The Deep State’

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President Donald Trump threw open the door to Deep State malfeasance on Thursday by pledging to establish a “truth and reconciliation commission” if re-elected in 2024. The mission of this committee would be to dismantle the pernicious tentacles of political corruption.

“When I get back into the Oval Office we will totally obliterate the Deep State. We will establish a truth and reconciliation commission to declassify and publish all documents on Deep State spying, censorship, and corruption,” he told his ecstatic supporters in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Trump offered a confidently upbeat forecast for a revitalized United States in 2024, one that promised strength and cohesion through energy independence, world peace, and economic recovery.

In this election, the choice is between strength and frailty, success and failure, safety and anarchy, peace and conflict, and prosperity and disaster,” he continued in his impassioned speech.

Trump’s promise to “obliterate the Deep State” has evolved into the centerpiece of his agenda for 2024. In March, he told rallygoers in Waco, Texas, “Either the DEEP STATE destroys America or WE destroy the DEEP STATE – that’s the way it’s got to be.”

During his speech, Trump said, “We will use all necessary state, local, federal, and military resources to carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.”

“Joe Biden cares only about enriching his family. I care about enriching your family and you. A Biden victory will be bad for you, good for China, and truly great for these globalists. We’ve got a lot of globalists,” Trump added.

Trump also explained why Democrats are so terrified of him serving a second term and are doing everything within their power to prevent it. “A Trump victory will be bad for the globalists, the RINOs, the communists, the Marxists. But it will be great for the hardworking people of New Hampshire.”

As we reported on Friday, Trump also made a “major announcement” that he is removing the label “crooked” from defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and assigning it to Joe Biden, his new opponent.

“As you know, I’ve done very well against Crooked Hillary Clinton, but today I’m going to do this. And I think this could be maybe the most important part of what I am going to say because this is going to be a major announcement,” Trump said.

“Are you ready? Is everybody ready? I will be retiring the name ‘Crooked’ from Hillary Clinton and her moniker. And I’m going to give her a new name. I don’t know. Like maybe lovely Hillary or Beautiful Hillary,” Trump added.

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