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Trump Loses It On GOP Overnight – Issues Stern Threat And Call For Immediate Action

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Former President Donald Trump’s fury grew in response to a comment made on his Truth Social application on Sunday night. While Republicans in the House were discussing the possibility of launching an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden, they had not yet taken concrete measures to actually impeach him; he referred to Biden as “the bum.”

The post was published during Trump’s Sunday evening communications flurry, alongside numerous reposts from individuals discussing him. Initially, the report described the House and Senate Republicans as “well-meaning.”

However, the intensity of Trump’s delivery increased dramatically. The message concluded with a series of capitalized phrases, conveying a strong sense of rage that was repeatedly accentuated throughout his rant.

“The Republicans in Congress, though well meaning, keep talking about an Impeachment ‘Inquiry’ on Crooked Joe Biden,” he posted. “Look, the guy got bribed, he paid people off, and he wouldn’t give One Billion Dollars to Ukraine unless they ‘got rid of the Prosecutor.’”

“Biden is a Stone Cold Crook-You don’t need a long INQUIRY to prove it, it’s already proven,” Trump continued. “These lowlifes Impeached me TWICE (I WON!), and Indicted me FOUR TIMES – For NOTHING! Either IMPEACH the BUM, or fade into OBLIVION.”

Trump angrily explained, “THEY DID IT TO US!”

Trump continued his full-frontal assault on the left on Monday morning.

“It has just been reported that aides to TRUMP prosecutor, Deranged Jack Smith, met with high officials at the White House just prior to these political SleazeBags Indicating me OVER NOTHING. If this is so, which it is, that means that Biden and his Fascist Thugs knew and APPROVED of this Country dividing Form of Election Interference, despite their insisting that they “knew nothing.” It’s all a BIG LIE, just like Russia, Russia, Russia, & not knowing about son’s business dealings. DISMISS CASE!” Trump posted.

“Roomer [sic – Rumors] are strong in political circles that Ron DeSanctimonious, whose Presidential run is a shambles, and whose poll numbers have absolutely crashed, putting him 3rd and 4th in some states, will be dropping out of the Presidential race in order to run, in Florida, against Rick Scott for Senate. Now that’s an interesting one, isn’t it?”

On Sunday, Donald Trump praised Mark Levin while criticizing Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie. The former president reposted parodies created by members of the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, as well as a digitally altered image depicting a fake mugshot of Joe Biden.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and prominent Republicans have begun deliberating a fall strategy for an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden. This development is significant evidence that the House GOP is actively laying the groundwork for initiating extraordinary procedures against the incumbent president.

McCarthy has reportedly communicated his intent to instigate an impeachment investigation into Vice President Joe Biden and hopes to begin the proceedings by the end of September, according to several Republican sources involved in the discussions. McCarthy has stated that he intends to initiate a public investigation if the IRS whistleblowers’ allegations prove to be credible or if the Biden administration fails to comply with House Republican requests regarding the Hunter Biden investigation. However, confidential sources indicate that McCarthy has communicated even more determined intentions in private conversations.

However, the leadership acknowledges that the entire Republican caucus in the House has not yet fully embraced the politically risky concept of impeachment. According to sources, a significant unanswered question that has been the subject of recent Republican deliberations concerns the necessity of holding a floor vote to officially sanction their investigation. There is no constitutional mandate requiring their compliance, and the Republican party lacks the necessary 218 votes to launch an impeachment investigation at this time.

By avoiding the official voting process, which could present difficulties for a number of the party’s more vulnerable and moderate members, Republicans could initiate an investigation quickly. This strategy would also allow the party leadership more time to convince the remaining conference members to support the impeachment proceedings. In the early phases of the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump, the House Democrats voted on two significant measures. In the first step, they formalized their investigation into the matter, and in the second, they established guidelines to regulate the subsequent procedure. This decision was made after an initial period of reluctance, which was largely influenced by internal rifts within the Democratic party.

GOP Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee and favors the impeachment of President Biden relayed to CNN, “I don’t believe that a vote of the House is required to open an impeachment inquiry.”

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