Trump Makes Huge Announcement — He’s Getting Major Revenge

President Donald J. Trump has been on a ‘warrior beast level’ to restore America’s institutions- like the media- for years, and true to character, he announced this week that he intends to sue CNN- one of the most dedicated gangsters of what Trump calls “fake news.”

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Trump’s claims about CNN began before he was even sworn in as President of the United States when he famously refused to take a question from CNN’s Jim Acosta, saying, “you are fake news.”

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Trump, in his recent legal filing, has demanded that CNN retract its “repeated defamatory statements” against him, warning that he will also take similar action against other media outlets.

In a 282-page letter addressed to CNN’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Licht and CNN’s Executive Vice President and General Counsel David Vigilante, Trump’s legal team demands the network publish what is described as:

“…a full and fair correction, apology, or retraction, in the same editions or corresponding issues of the website publication in which the aforementioned articles, transcripts, or broadcasts appeared and in as conspicuous a place and type as said original article, transcript or broadcast within ten (10) days from the date of service of this notice.”

The documents go on:

“Failure to publish such a correction, apology, or retraction will result in the filing of a lawsuit and damages being sought against you, CNN.”

The first topic listed is the 2016 election, in which Trump’s team notes that CNN “repeatedly allowed for assertions that President Trump was illegitimately elected” — assertions that went “largely unchallenged.”

Breitbart News reported that the letter also focuses on the 2020 election, contending that CNN’s reporting “both before the election as well as after the election, consistently fed a narrative that denounced President Trump’s legitimacy and competency”:

The reporting appears to be results-oriented, as betrayed in an undercover video: A CNN employee was filmed discussing the Defendant’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election. The employee boasted that CNN helped to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election and called the Defendant, his employer, “propaganda.” Id.: “Look at what we did, we got Trump out…I am 100% going to say it. And I 100% believe it that if it wasn’t for CNN, I don’t know that Trump would have got voted out.”

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Other examples provided in the letter include:

CNN’s Rush to Label President Trump a Liar
CNN’s Branding of President Trump as a Liar Extends to Likening Him to Nazis and Communists
CNN’s Willful and Continued Usage of the “Big Lie” Characterization
The Unique Treatment of President Trump’s Beliefs Versus Those Belonging to Other Public Figures
The report provides numerous examples.

“I have notified CNN of my intent to file a lawsuit over their repeated defamatory statements against me,” Trump said in a statement released by his Save America PAC on Wednesday.

“I will also be commencing actions against other media outlets who have defamed me and defrauded the public regarding the overwhelming evidence of fraud throughout the 2020 Election,” the 45th president added. “I will never stop fighting for the truth and for the future of our Country!”

Recently, at a rally in Arizona, Trump addressed the damage the Fake New industry has done to him as they publish obviously fake news stories like one that was included in the Jan. 6th hearing about him being violent:

“One story was that I got into the Beast, and I grabbed the steering wheel to make it go down to where the people were. Now you know, I have a guy sitting there who could lift 300 pounds, and I grabbed the wheel. I’m the president of the United States and can you imagine this made-up story? It is total fiction and I say thank God for the great people in the Secret Service because they put out a statement that it wasn’t true, that it wasn’t.

Another story is that I was throwing food, throwing food in the White House. I don’t throw food in the White House. I don’t throw food anywhere. I eat the food, which is a problem. I’d probably be better off if I threw it. I have too much respect for the White House and have too much respect for people to do something like that.

And they know that wasn’t true, but they don’t call the Secret Service back, and the Secret Service wants to testify. They say it wasn’t true but they won’t let him testify because they don’t want to hear the truth.

It’s just a horrible thing that’s going on. In our country, it’s sick, and fake news media is totally complicit. These are very dishonest people,” Trump said.

The announcement about suing Fake News comes the same week as Trump returned to Washington DC to make a speech about his ideas for making America great again- again.

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“Former President Donald Trump returned to Washington, DC for the first time since leaving office on Tuesday, and the business mogul did not like what he saw. During his keynote address at the America First Agenda Summit held at the Marriott Marquis, Trump derided the filthy homeless encampments that have popped up throughout the city and called for a return to “law and order,” Spectator World reported.

The former president revealed that much of his speech would focus on rising crime in America’s cities, including calling out the “defund the police” movement and the left’s desire to “reimagine public safety” — particularly the refusal to prosecute criminals and instead punish victims.

“Their vision is sick,” Trump said bluntly, showing the world that Trump was coming back.