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Trump Makes Major Announcement That Rocks GA Case To Its Core

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According to a recent survey commissioned by a local media outlet, the majority of Georgian respondents oppose the notion of former President Donald Trump accepting a plea bargain from District Attorney Fani Willis.

55 percent of respondents, according to a study conducted exclusively by 11Alive in Atlanta, prefer that President Trump be tried. In the meantime, 21% of respondents indicated that he should consider accepting an offer, while 24% remained unsure or abstained from expressing an opinion.

According to an unidentified individual, referred to as Eros, who leans towards the Republican party and resides in Cobb County, “I would rather him do a plea agreement.”

“He wants to prove everyone wrong and become president again. So I don’t think his pride would allow him to plead guilty,” asserted Beth Carter, a voter in Midtown who tends to support the Democratic party.

Richard Holloway, a Republican Party member from Lithia Springs, stated his support for a prosecution involving Donald Trump because he believes that such a trial would result in Trump’s exoneration.

“I’m for Trump. Go, Trump. ‘Know what I mean?’ Good luck,” Holloway wished him, conveying his skepticism regarding the likelihood of his conviction.

According to Atlanta’s Leelt Ermias, the outcome would depend on the particular circumstances surrounding the confession. “It would depend on the details of the plea,” Ermias stated, adding that she does not support Trump.

Prosecutors have the authority to engage in plea bargaining, which allows them to propose plea agreements that go beyond the typical terms of probation or sentencing guidelines. According to 11Alive, the agreements may include the defendant’s acquiescence to counseling or exclusion from a particular jurisdiction.

According to Clint Rucker, a former Fulton County prosecutor who currently practices law privately, “Imposing a requirement that the person never run for public office again could be a condition that could be part of a negotiated plea.”

However, Rucker indicated additional skepticism regarding the likelihood of Trump accepting a plea bargain, emphasizing that he would “not bet one penny” on this outcome. Several voters interviewed by the media outlet shared this opinion, believing that such a plea bargain would effectively eradicate Trump’s chances of running in the 2024 election.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In recent weeks, President Trump expressed opposition to the possibility of entering into a plea agreement in relation to any of the four ongoing legal proceedings against him.

In a short press conference held prior to his departure from the Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club on route to Iowa, President Trump provided a response to a reporter’s inquiry regarding his willingness to accept a deal. CONTINUE READING…

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