Trump Promises Total Ban Once GOP Takes Back Congress

On Saturday night, Donald Trump declared that if Republicans take back Congress in November’s midterm elections, they will ban critical race theory.

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According to him, banning the theory in schools and workplaces is a ‘matter of survival’ that Americans need to ‘lay their very lives down’ to protect.

During his tenure, President Trump signed an executive order which banned ‘efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex- and race-based ideologies.’

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‘As President, I was proud to issue the world’s first ban on critical race theory in September of 2020. Joe Biden rescinded that order, but as soon as we retake Congress, Republicans will ban critical race theory once and for all,’ Trump said.

‘They will also defund the racist equity mandates across the entire federal government. No more illegal discrimination in everything. Getting critical race theory out of our schools is not just a matter of values. It’s also a matter of national survival. We have no choice.

‘The fate of any nation ultimately depends upon the willingness of its citizens to lay down, and they must do this, lay down their very lives to defend their country. If we allow the Marxists and communists and socialists to teach our children to hate America, there will be no one left to defend our flag or to protect our great country or its freedom.’

One of the most hotly debated topics of the US culture war in recent years has been critical race theory as Republicans address parents’ anger over what their children learn at school.

According to Education Week, Republican-led states have enacted laws restricting the teaching of racism and race.

As part of the event, Trump attacked President Joe Biden as mentally and physically impaired and attacked the Democrat commander-in-chief’s foreign policy in his first event since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Additionally, it’s his first since Biden delivered the State of the Union address.

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‘You could take the five worst presidents in American history and they would not have done the damage Joe Biden has done in just 13 months. We have a president representing our country at the most important time in history, who is physically and mentally challenged,’ he continued.

According to him, Biden ‘failed to deter Russia’s outrageous invasion of Ukraine’ and that Putin never would have attacked Ukraine under his presidency.

‘The fake news said my personality got us into a war. ‘I’m telling you, that guy’s going to get us into a war.’ But actually, my personality is what kept us out of war. I was the only president in nearly four decades who did not get America into any new conflicts.’ Trump proclaimed.

While Trump did not mention Putin by name, he blasted his invasion as a ‘terrible atrocity’. Last month, he had hailed Russia’s plan as “genius,” a statement that was heavily criticized.

On the other hand, he described Putin as a “driven” man at one point.

‘The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a terrible atrocity that should never have been allowed to happen or would have never happened. I know I speak for everyone here tonight. When I say we are praying for the proud people of Ukraine. They are going through hell,’ he stated.

‘Make no mistake, however, that Russia would not have dared to annex one inch of territory. If I was in the White House. In fact, they never did it when I was there.’

A second time, he denounced the ‘bloodshed’ in the conflict but appeared to compliment Putin for being ‘driven’.

‘And for all the talk about violent conflict in Eastern Europe, and it’s a terrible thing, and we’re gonna help and we’re gonna do whatever we can because nobody can look at the bloodshed much longer what’s happening,’ Trump asserted.

‘It’s a lack of respect for a lot of people, a lot of things but it’s just a total lack of respect. And it happens to be a man that is just driven. He’s driven to put it together and you look at it and it’s just so ridiculous and so senseless and so horrible’

As evidence of his tough stance on Putin, he pointed to the Nord Stream 2 sanctions passed during his administration. The pipeline, which would have transported natural gas straight from Russia to Germany and circumvent Ukraine, was stopped by Berlin’s new Chancellor Olaf Scholz as a result of Moscow declaring two breakaway regions in Ukraine independent states.

‘Nobody was ever tougher on Russia than me. I’m the one that stopped the pipeline. I haven’t stopped. I’m the one that put all the sanctions on. And I’m the one that he didn’t attack during our administration,’ Trump continued.

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After a bloody and unprovoked attack by Russia, Biden announced last week that he would ban Russian energy imports. Since then, Republicans have urged greater drilling of US oil and gas to ease the skyrocketing fuel prices, which hit a record high of $4.33 per gallon on Friday.

‘Without the money coming in from energy, Russia doesn’t work. But to make this thread credible the US would have to immediately end Biden’s ridiculous war on American energy. We were energy independent,’ Trump insisted.

‘It’s very simple. We have to get our great energy workers drilling, pumping, producing, mining, and refining like never before.’