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Trump protesters clash outside Manhattan Courthouse With Deranged Liberals

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Leftists celebrate the death of their Republic in a frenzy to virtue signal for their political heroes, while the rest of the nation, the civilized people, attempt to figure out why they are so demented as to celebrate a United States government without Rule of Law, due process, and actual justice.

Now the radical left has exploited Trump’s detention as an excuse to be violent and hateful against other Americans once again.

The case against President Donald J. Trump, a contender for the presidency in 2024, which ended in his incarceration is widely acknowledged to be extremely political. And opponents of America First policies have demonstrated that they are only interested in power and are prepared to sacrifice historic liberty and freedom — on the backs of dead American men and women – to obtain it.

Trump handled the issue with great composure:

The Daily Mail claimed that Trump demonstrators clashed with crazy liberals in front of a Manhattan courthouse and wrote:

The action inside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse began hours before Trump’s arraignment on Tuesday, when some of his ardent supporters battled with irate demonstrators as the tension and anticipation surrounding his historic appearance reached a boiling point.

Around 10.30 a.m. today, the former president is anticipated to depart Trump Tower for the downtown Manhattan courthouse, accompanied by a Secret Service and Police convoy that will cause rolling traffic closures.

Outside of Trump Tower, Democratic protestors rang cowbells and demanded that the former president “wake up and smell the justice.”

At the courthouse, journalists from all around the world waited in line all night for a seat in the courtroom. By sunrise, protestors from both sides descended on the structure, which was barricaded by the NYPD.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Trump fan Juliet Germanotta threw herself at an anti-Trump banner and attempted to rip it up. She was met with incredulity from the protesters who’d erected it and a scrappy back-and-forth ensued. CONTINUE READING…

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