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Trump Reveals What He Has Planned for His Monumental Trial

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Even though it appears that a group of Marxist usurpers have seized control of the entire US Judicial system and weaponized the entire third branch of government against the American people, President Donald J. Trump is not afraid of the lawfare that his opponents are employing against him.

Americans, who are civil servants and were entrusted with protecting the most libertarian government in the history of the world, have become beasts, vultures, and criminals, and they all appear to be “ladies of the night”; this is what we are currently witnessing.

Numerous individuals are abandoning their oath to defend and serve the Republic. They have participated in the destruction of the most popular president the United States has ever had.

Further, this group of self-centered maniacs is proud of what they have done, so there is no telling the dread and loathing that awaits Trump as he is hauled through public struggle sessions and forced to face numerous jurors.

But Trump insists he has no fear, regardless of how deranged his opponents become.

The movement of usurpers has targeted anyone who refuses to comply with their demands to overturn the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States and to grant them absolute power and dominance over the lives of freedom-loving Americans.

And they wish to eliminate TRUMP! Because he blocks their path.

This power seizure is what we see when we examine the legal issues facing the 45th President.

Before the 2023 presidential elections in the United States, evidence is ubiquitous in the news. that the usurpers do not at all like Trump and that they will use any means necessary to remove his name as an option for American voters, even if they have to beclown themselves in public and abdicate any notions that people ever had in their integrity.

While Trump was the first to declare his candidacy for president and enjoys the highest favorability rating among Americans, his opponents can only think of ways to prevent him from running.

In a civil conspiracy to defraud the American people and stop Trump, all of their government public servants have become as despicable as anyone can remember. That is the entirety of the election cycle of 2023.

Trump has been persecuted numerous times, and he will be forced to be in court instead of campaigning, but according to media reports, he is unconcerned.

Jason Walsh provided the following information for the Daily Fetch:

“Now the indictments against Donald Trump are to go to Trial, the former President expressed eagerness in getting on the stand and testifying, which is giving the Democrats second thoughts on whether they have made a bad move.

During an interview with conservative podcaster Hugh Hewitt, Trump described the indictments against him as “election interference.”

“Will you testify in your own defense?” Hewitt asked.

Trump replied, “Oh, yes, absolutely.”

“You’ll take the stand?” Hewitt queried further.

“That I would do,” Trump quipped.

“That I look forward to, because that’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia,” he added.

“I look forward to testifying. At Trial, I’ll testify.”

Trump’s testifying on the witness stand at the trial could end up being a nightmare for Democrats.

Readers can hear the audio at Hewitt’s site.

Walsh went on:

Just like the strategic mistake the left-wing media made in 2016 by giving Trump tons of airtime, this could be worse for Democrats.

Trump’s Georgia mug shot has become a rallying symbol for his base. Whatever they do to try and defeat Trump, he gains more strength.

Trump told Hewitt they’re “only to get me out. They don’t want me running.”

“If I weren’t running, or if I was in fourth place instead of being in first place by 50 points or more, … this wouldn’t be happening — none of it,” Trump said.

“It’s happening because I’m beating [President Joe Biden], and it’s only because I did what I did. What I did to Hillary [Clinton], it shocked them.”

“They said, ‘We can never let this happen again.’ They cheated like dogs. … I did much better the second time than I did the first. And they know that better than anybody,” he added.

“And now we’re going to do it again, and we’re going to win. And if we don’t win, our country is finished. I really believe that. Our country is finished.”

Did the Democrats not learn from 2016?

To add insult to injury, the surveys are ignominious for the usurpers.

According to a survey collected from 2,061 Americans between Aug. 16 – 18, 70% believe things in America today are moving “somewhat badly” or “very badly.”

71% of GOP voters, according to a new CBS News poll, do not view Joe Biden as the “legitimate” victor.

64% of voters described the U.S. political system as “dysfunctional,” while 58% described it as “corrupt.”

14% referred to it as “effective,” and 7% said it was “honest.”

Nonetheless, they cannot cease promoting their brand. Regardless of how terrible it appears to Americans who expect so much more from them.

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