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Trump Rolled Through a Poor Atlanta Neighborhood on Way to Fulton County Jail – There’s a Reason Mainstream Media Won’t Play the Video

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Thursday evening, the motorcade of former President Donald Trump passed through a predominantly minority neighborhood in Atlanta.

If you still pay heed to the establishment media — and you may be out of luck if you do — you might believe that spectators jeered the former president on his way to the Fulton County jail.

You would be incorrect, as that did not occur.

Friday on X, formerly Twitter, one conservative commentator posted a 45-second Tik Tok video that showed bystanders reacting with enthusiasm to the 45th president’s appearance in their neighborhood.

“What the media doesn’t want you to see. The people love Trump,” an accompanying tweet read.

Undoubtedly, establishment-media parasites will attempt to portray this scene as nothing more than a group of individuals recognizing a celebrity.

Indeed, this may appear to be the case at first glimpse. After all, the video contained no visible Trump signs or people wearing red MAGA headgear.

However, viewers who listen carefully will detect at least eight instances of what sounds like the same audible expression.

“Free Trump!”

Free Trump. The man on his way to jail does not belong there, or so the people say.

The brief video depicted several dozens of bystanders on both sides of the street. The majority were shouting and recording the motorcade with their mobile devices. Everyone was a youthful black man or woman.

A historian observing this spectacle cannot help but ponder if the onlookers’ ancestors walked these Atlanta streets with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Obviously, to be entirely equitable, one should refrain from drawing broad conclusions from brief videos.

Alternatively, if this small sample is representative of a larger sentiment, then something genuinely historic has begun.

Since 2016, Trump has garnered significant support from the working class. His initiative has led to a realignment of the party along class lines.

In the meantime, the establishment media has maintained division among Americans by labeling Trump and his supporters as bigots and white nationalists.

However, recent developments suggest that the fog of falsehoods may soon dissipate. Rappers and black media figures, for example, have embraced Oliver Anthony’s anthem for the working class, “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

Similarly, many impoverished black Americans may begin to view Trump as a martyr who was wrongfully apprehended by tyrants. If this occurs, the adversaries of the former president have no chance.

In fact, the establishment must be haunted by the idea of common Americans uniting across fictitious “racial” lines.

And there is accumulating evidence that this eerie notion is rapidly becoming a reality.

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