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Trump Says He Has ‘No Choice’ But to Lock People Up if He Returns to White House ‘Because They’re Doing It to Us’

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Former President Donald Trump stated on Tuesday that if he is re-elected in 2020, he may have no choice but to use federal resources to pursue those who are using the justice system against him.

The former president appeared on Glenn Beck’s daily radio program to discuss the charges against him.

Beck inquired about Trump’s decision not to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton following his 2016 election victory.

“You said in 2016, you know, ‘Lock her up,’” Beck recalled.

He continued, “And then when you became president, you said, ‘We don’t do that in America. That’s just not the right thing to do. That’s what they’re doing.’”

Beck then asked Trump, “Do you regret not locking her up, and if you’re president again, will you lock people up?”

Trump explained that he may be compelled to battle fire with fire due to the politicization of the system against him.

“Well, I’ll give you an example. Uh, the answer is you have no choice because they’re doing it to us,” Trump said.

He continued:

“I always had such great respect for the office of the president — the presidency and but the office of the president.”

“And I never hit Biden as hard as I could have, and then I heard he was trying to indict me. And it was him that was doing it.”

Then, Trump insulted Biden’s intelligence and accused him of ordering the Justice Department to pursue him.

“I don’t think he’s sharp enough to think about much, but he was there and he was probably the one giving the order,” Trump said of Biden. “But he was, you know, hard to believe that he even thinks about that because he’s gone.”

Trump stated that Biden is responsible for all four indictments against him, including those in New York and Georgia.

He added that the two district attorneys responsible for the state incitements had coordinated with one another.

“I don’t know if you know this, he put his top person into the office of the Manhattan district attorney,” Trump said of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. “They’ve been in total coordination with Fani Willis.”

Trump also claimed that the woman who accused him of sexual assault in the 1990s, E. Jean Carroll, was motivated by politics.

“The woman that I never met, that they accused me of rape, that’s being run by a Democrat — a Democrat operative, and paid for by the Democrat Party,” he told Beck. “You know, so many of these days, I have a couple of other lawsuits all funded against me by the Democrats.”

He added, “These are sick people. These are evil people.”

Trump came to the conclusion that the Democrats’ indictments against him have rebounded and aided him in the polls.

He added that Democrats have become everything he was accused of being by them.

“I’m like a kind person by comparison. They’re calling for death,” Trump said. “These are sick people, but the public gets it.”

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