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Trump Scores Massive Win – Exactly What He Wanted

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In the 2023 Colorado Republican Centennial Dinner Presidential Straw Poll, the undisputed victor was former President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump emerged triumphant, obtaining the top position, with an impressive 87 percent of the vote. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, won the secondary nomination with a relatively modest six percent of the vote.

“Colorado Republicans spoke loudly and clearly that President Trump is the frontrunner and the man to beat. The Party congratulates President Trump and looks forward to the grassroots America-First energy he will continue to bring to our base heading into 2024,” stated Party Chairman Dave Williams.

An audience member noted Trent Leisy, a congressional candidate who espouses the America First ideology and was present at the event with the intention of contesting the incumbent Republican representative Ken Buck, who currently represents Colorado. Buck recently declared his intention to refrain from running for re-election in 2024, attributing his decision to the influence that Trump has had on the party.

This phenomenon is not an infrequent event for President Trump. According to Leisy’s statement during an interview, “This isn’t a rare occurrence for President Trump. Trump wins every real poll by a landslide. I announced my campaign against RINO Ken Buck last month because he has not only betrayed the people of Colorado’s 4th Congressional District but has betrayed President Trump and the America First movement as well.”

“I am running to be another soldier in Rightful President Trump’s army in Congress and will always put America First,” Leisy continued.

President Trump is slated to deliver a political rally in Hialeah, Florida, on Wednesday evening. By strategically aligning this event with the third primary debate of the 2024 election, it functions as a counter-programming maneuver.

By avoiding participation in any of the debates, the septuagenarian former president has established a significant advantage in the Republican primary data.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Senator Tim Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have all fulfilled the prerequisites to partake in the third Republican presidential debate, which is slated to take place on November 8.

According to Chris LaCivita, a senior advisor to the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee (RNC) should cease the debates and allot resources in order to reorient its attention towards the primary goal of unseating President Joe Biden in the upcoming November 2024 election.

President Trump has made a declaration indicating that the nomination race is concluded and has expressed his belief that the debates “seem to be a complete waste of time”, as seen by his substantial lead in surveys. This statement was shared on Truth Social.

A considerable budgetary infusion totaling tens of millions of dollars was allocated to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign during the third quarter. This fiscal accomplishment exceeded his noteworthy performance in the preceding quarter, thereby reinforcing his advantage over his Republican adversaries in preparation for the 2024 election.

The campaign of former President Donald Trump declared in an official statement that for the third quarter, it had amassed a total of $45.5 million in funds.

The campaign, as stated in a statement, has revealed a financial reserve in excess of $37.5 million. Moreover, according to information obtained by the Times, Trump’s campaign team disclosed that Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who is presently positioned second in the majority of polls behind Trump, had an extremely limited $5 million in accessible funds for the ongoing primary elections.

Throughout the third quarter, the campaign of Governor DeSantis garnered a cumulative sum of $15 million in funding. During the month of August, Robert Bigelow, a benefactor who had made a $20 million contribution to a political action committee affiliated with Governor DeSantis, declared his intention to withdraw his financial support unless Governor DeSantis exhibited a readiness to moderate his policy positions.

The Trump campaign’s announcement highlighted the substantial grassroots support for President Trump, “In an impressive testament to the overwhelming grassroots support behind President Trump that will lead to dominating victories, close to $36 million of the total cash on hand is designated for the primary.”

The announcement humorously added, “While DeSanctus’ fundraising, like his poll numbers, has seen an exponential drop even from July, President Trump outraised his impressive $35 million haul in Q2 (which doubled Q1 fundraising) by more than $10 million.”

“The Q3 numbers are even more impressive considering the summer months are usually when most campaigns experience lagging fundraising support. President Trump and his campaign have completely shattered that notion.”

Amidst the present political environment, Donald Trump is experiencing a surge in public interest and has positioned himself as a formidable frontrunner for the Republican nomination. Concurrently, recent surveys reveal that Trump’s support in crucial swing states is either equivalent to or exceeds that of President Biden, thereby emphasizing the critical importance of these states in shaping electoral results.

In a recent survey, data was collected from voters residing in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, as conducted by Bloomberg/Morning Consult. According to the results of this survey, Donald Trump maintained a four-percentage-point advantage over Joe Biden. The lead was ascribed to a dominant voter sentiment of discontentment concerning the vice president’s economic management.

Recent polling data indicates that Donald Trump is five percentage points clear of Joe Biden in the state of Georgia at this time. In a similar fashion, Trump has a one-percentage-point lead over Biden in Pennsylvania, four percentage points over North Carolina, two percentage points over Wisconsin, and four percentage points over Arizona. Based on the survey results, Biden presently maintains a three-point advantage over Trump in Nevada, whereas the situation in Michigan is neutral between the two candidates.

A considerable percentage of voters, specifically 49%, in the seven swing states, harbored unfavorable opinions regarding Bidenomics, the White House’s designated term for President Biden’s economic approach, which they deemed detrimental to the economy.

A significant percentage of undecided voters in the seven states mentioned above, precisely 46%, maintain the viewpoint that Bidenomics exerts an adverse influence on the economy. On the contrary, 41% of these electors exhibit a neutral position or lack adequate knowledge concerning this economic approach.

A subset of electors, comprising 14% of the total, who initially declared their intention to vote for the president in the upcoming 2020 election have subsequently changed their minds, according to the findings of a study. More precisely, this subset is now comprised of individuals who have indicated their propensity to support Trump, those who maintain an ambiguous stance, and those who have chosen not to participate in the electoral process.

Based on the available data, a negligible 9% of respondents who cast their ballots in favor of Donald Trump during the 2020 presidential election declared their intention to support Joe Biden in the 2024 election. On the contrary, in 2020, a significant majority of 91% of Trump voters expressed their intention to re-vote for him.

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