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Trump Scores Monumental Endorsement – GAME CHANGER

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The number of Republican officials in Washington who are endorsing former President Donald Trump is rising consistently as the primary season approaches.

It is not unexpected that senators and congressmen who are up for reelection in the coming year would support the former president, especially in consideration of the recent disclosure that he leads President Joe Biden in all seven of the nation’s critical states. Despite a polarized field of candidates that offered alternative courses of action for those in authority to consider, the allure of Trump’s influence has grown, especially among conservatives.

In an interview with POLITICO on Tuesday, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) demonstrated his steadfast backing for President Trump through the provision of his complete and unequivocal endorsement. His remarks elaborate on earlier forecasts that the nomination of the former president for the general election was virtually assured.

“President Trump doesn’t need to worry. I’m with him. He’s asked me several times to support him. I said yes. And I’ve been saying for a year that I think he’s gonna be the nominee. I support him. I’m gonna vote for him,” Hawley said. “Don’t worry — you can put me down as support, endorsed, stand with,” said Sen. Hawley.

President Trump offered advice to the recently elected Republican from Missouri, recommending that both he and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) exercise prudence in their forthcoming reelection campaigns the following year. Recent general election polling in the state, as reported by Five Thirty Eight, places President Trump at least 15 points ahead of President Biden. Polls have disclosed, however, that voter sentiment regarding Hawley’s reelection is divided.

During the Capitol rioting on January 6, 2021, conservatives were impressed by Senator Hawley’s action of elevating his fist in solidarity with the protesters. Nonetheless, this conduct landed him under scrutiny by a congressional select committee conducting an inquiry into the violence that transpired on that particular day. Prominent among the conservative causes supported by the American public are his efforts to have gender discussions removed from elementary schools and to have corporate contributions from electoral processes eliminated.

President Trump now has the support of eighteen senators from across the nation, in addition to the over eighty members of the House who have already endorsed him, thanks to Hawley’s assistance. Trump has amassed an overwhelming number of endorsements in the home states of some of his opponents, including Florida, where Republican colleagues largely disregarded Governor Ron DeSantis when they convened to accompany him on the campaign trail or serve as his substitute on cable news programs.

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