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Trump Seeks Battle Plan To Wipe Out Mexican Drug Cartels with Military Force If Re-Elected

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Trump asks advisers for ‘Battle Plans’ to ‘attack Mexico if reelected,’ according to a recent Rolling Stone headline, proving that the left is not pleased with the idea of ‘invading Mecico’s sovereign spaces’ to protect Americans from drug crimes and assaults- and the headline could ALSO be a lame attempt at political smear job that the once cool media group has resorted to in order to join the “get Trump” losers.

This anecdote is a fantastic illustration of the distinction between 2024 presidential candidate America First Donald J. Trump and his opponents.

“Trump and his MAGAfied Republican Party are pushing plans for military action against drug cartels in Mexico — with or without the Mexican government’s consent,” Rolling Stone complained about the notion that a President of the United States would protect the American people from drug crimes by securing our border so that drug criminals cannot enter illegally.

“MAGAfied” is amusing, however. The left is appalled by the concept of a strong America.

Yet Rolling Stone is correct in one respect: only MAGA Populist Trump followers and Trump himself realize the danger with letting unregulated gang cartels to define how we shall live in the United States.

No other politician wishes to upset convicts with such bold language.

Rolling Stone continued its efforts to smear Trump’s America First supporters and Trump himself by citing two unknown sources who directed the publication to a website:

“‘Attacking Mexico,’ or whatever you’d like to call it, is something that President Trump has said he wants ‘battle plans’ drawn for,” says one of the sources. “He’s complained about missed opportunities of his first term, and there are a lot of people around him who want fewer missed opportunities in a second Trump presidency.”

The “It’s Time to Wage War on Transnational Drug Cartels” policy document discusses probable grounds and processes for the next Republican commander-in-chief to “formally” declare “war against the cartels” in reaction to “the mounting bodies of dead Americans from fentanyl poisonings.”

It is acceptable for a president to acknowledge that the United States is sovereign, despite the fact that Rolling Stone repeatedly referred to Mexico as “sovereign.”

They continue to poke Trump in a passive-aggressive manner:

“In a nod to Mexico’s status as a sovereign nation, the paper calls on the U.S. to “conduct specific military operations to destroy the cartels and enlist the Mexican government in joint operations to target cartel-networked infrastructure, including affiliated factions and enablers with direct action.”

Yet, this “enlistment” of the Mexican government comes with a big caveat: “It is vital that Mexico not be led to believe that they have veto power to prevent the US from taking the actions necessary to secure its borders and people,” the paper reads.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“It’s unclear if Trump would be willing to go as far as the CRA paper advocates, but he has been especially keen on sending Special Forces to Mexico and has been discussing the idea for months.

The Rolling Stone, who was cool when Hunter S. Thompson was with them, has gone to the Marxist side, which is unfortunate to see. CONTINUE READING…

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