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Trump Sends Ominous 5-Word Warning Live On Air

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President Donald Trump has maintained his consistent stance on issues during his recent interviews. Attractive audiences at Trump rallies applaud ceaselessly as the former president candidly addresses the situation.

The protracted and intense demonstrations and fighting occurring globally in response to the Middle East conflict have raised concerns about the potential escalation into a global war with nuclear repercussions.

Trump places significant emphasis on the matter of cartel presence and control along the Mexico-bound stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border, while the Biden administration and Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, which is the subject of the most recent articles of impeachment filed by Representative Marjorie Taylor Green this week, appear to give it little consideration.

Thursday, Trump spoke with Enrique Acevedo, anchor of Univision Noticias. Amidst the heightened tensions, Trump expressed his views candidly during the interview regarding the consequences he perceives to have ensued. President Trump cautioned that Mexico would be entangled in the conflict should World War III break out.

“You could end up in World War III,” Trump said. “And if World War III happens, probably Mexico will no longer be around. Because the power of nuclear weapons is so big, if they hit us, you’re gonna be wiped out too. That’s how bad it is.”

During the interview, host Acevedo had asked Trump, “President Biden promised he would not add another foot of border wall during his administration. But now they’re building, I believe, around 20 miles of barrier in Texas. Do you think that’s a good decision?”

Trump answered regarding the wall,

“Well, they hated to make it because it showed that I was right. But still, 20 miles doesn’t do it much. But they hated to make that decision. You know, I used to give speeches in 2016 because in 2016 the border was very bad. And then I fixed it so well. It was so good and not as good as I had it at the end of the last term.

But I fixed it so well. We did so good with it that I couldn’t talk about it with the next election coming up in 2020. There was nobody that wanted to listen. I said, I want to talk about the border. They said, sir, nobody’s listening because you fixed it. And I said to myself, Is that incredible? You fix the border.

You did such a good job with the safest border. We had the safest border in the history of our country by far, and that included drugs and that included human trafficking, that included everything we had safest border we’ve ever had. And now we have the most unsafe border because Biden what he’s done with the border is a disgrace. It’s a disgrace.”

The candidate for the upcoming presidency did not hold back when describing the president of the United States as “so dimb, so incompetent, and so corrupt” and discussing efforts to neutralize him politically through the use of the courts.

“Biden is a man who has unleashed something that’s a very bad thing, because when that happens to me, it can happen to them. And, you know, he’s a very corrupt president… he’s unleashed something that everybody we’ve all known about this for a hundred years. We’ve watched other countries do it and, in some cases, effective and in other cases, the country’s overthrown or it’s been totally ineffective,” Trump said.

“But we’ve watched this for a long time, and it’s not unique, but it’s unique for the United States. Yeah. If they do this and they’ve already done it, but if they want to follow through on this, yeah, it could certainly happen in reverse. It could certainly happen in reverse.”

“It’s probably a question you’re going to ask me. It’s border and all of that. But the biggest threat is nuclear weapons. And we have a man that doesn’t even know what a nuclear weapon is as our chief negotiator. And it’s a very scary thing.

You could end up in World War three and World War Three happens, probably Mexico will no longer be around, because the power of nuclear weapons are so big. If they hit us, you’re going to be wiped out, too. That’s how bad it is.

And when I hear these people talking about the environment and over a 300-year period, the oceans will rise by 1/100 of an inch. And this is such a threat. It’s not a threat. The threat is not global warming. It’s nuclear warming. It’s the single biggest threat to your country, to our country, to every country.”

Trump reflected on his prior and current relationship with the political leadership in Mexico, saying, “I think we have a very good relationship with the new president of Mexico.”

Watch the interview:

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