Trump Supporter Found Out How To Reboot Biden When He Shuts Down!

Have you seen Biden’s latest speech on C-19?

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If you haven’t heard, then you have missed out on another confusing moment!

He delivered the remarks from his fake WH set, the one with the stage, lights, and fake window. His handlers digitally add a snowy winter outside the window from behind.

The coronavirus speech was a disaster, full of mistakes, blunders, and many critics about the unvaccinated.

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Biden and the rest of the leaders blamed the unvaccinated for the virus spread!

At one point in the meeting, Biden shut down! He got stuck.

He sat there and had a weird smile on his face.

One Trump supporter made a video of Joe buffering and suggested we unplug Brandon and restated him.

Take a look at the video below.

Here are the online comments.

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““Crap…darn it. I know it…I know that I know it!! It’s JIM. No, uh, Jack…uh, Joe? Yeah…it’s Joe! Joe Briden? Joe Miden? Joe Xiden, yeah…that’s it! Joe Xiden!!””

“Can we turn him off and just leave it that way?”

“I think the country is safer when Brandon is buffering”

“When all is revealed that we’ve been watching a movie, this guys deserves an award.”

“The Truman Show”

“Ctrl-Alt-Del might help”

“I rebooted him, but now it’s blinking and more stuck than it was. It can’t even say ‘c’mon man’- it just makes this ‘c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c-c’ noise and a bad smell keeps coming from it”

“The man is high on opioid pain meds at all times. How do ppl not see this?!”

“I think they reboot and reanimate him daily. His wiring is just shot.”

“They know they are about 1 “turn him off and on again” away of him not powering back up. “

“That’s a goner. Can’t be fixed. Belongs to the garbage.”

“The lights are on but nobody’s home.”

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“Biggest disgrace in US history”

Biden’s situation worsens, and we can notice that from his behavior.

Many people say that he is visiting Delaware so often because of his medical treatment.