Trump Takes Down Backstabbing Candidate He Endorsed

Republicans who benefitted from Donald Trump being in the White House, only to stab him in the back for it by siding with their colleagues across the aisle by voting to impeach the 45th president, are now paying the price for their poor decision. Americans take notice when a RINO (Republican in name only) reveals themselves by going against what and who they represent while campaigning to be put in office.

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Now, Trump is getting the last laugh and the vindication he so rightfully deserves, especially after giving a much-coveted endorsement to this candidate.

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In a shocking development on Tuesday evening, a Republican senator from South Carolina who had voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for his alleged January 6 incursion into the Capitol paid the price.

It has been reported that a Republican candidate, Rep Tom Rice, lost his primary to state Representative Russell Fry on Tuesday’s election night. Consequently, Rice will become the fifth Republican, of ten who votes to impeach Trump, who will lose their seat — four others have indicated they will be retiring.

As of Wednesday, 95 percent of the votes had been counted, and Fry had received 51.1 percent of the vote. In contrast, Rice had only managed to garner 24.5 percent of the votes.

Throughout the impeachment campaign, Rice remained steadfast in his defense of his vote. In the week before the primary election, he arrogantly said that he would make the same vote again, which most likely sealed his fate among his constituents who ultimately make the decision of whether he stays or goes.

“Defend the Constitution — that’s what I did,” Rice said, according to MSNBC executive producer Kyle Griffin. “That was the conservative vote … I was livid. I am livid today about it. I took an oath to protect the Constitution. I did it then, and I would do it again tomorrow.”

Despite voting against the former president, Rice managed to receive Trump’s endorsement, giving the candidate a huge advantage over his opponent. Fry asked repeatedly asked Rice about this.

“Tom Rice broke the trust of the people of the Pee Dee and Grand Strand when he voted to impeach President Donald Trump,” Fry wrote on his website, according to a separate article in The New York Times.

Democratic party leaders, and even some Republicans, have rushed to paint Rice as a hero who stood up against Trump, who they believe is some sort of evil dictator.

“Tom Rice carried himself with integrity and dignity,” leftist pundit Tim Miller wrote on Twitter. “So of course he is getting thrust out. It’s all so dispiriting.”

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The reality, however, is Trump did nothing on Jan. 6, 2021, that would warrant impeachment. Rice is now facing repercussions for his ridiculous vote, which was unacceptable to the citizens in his district as proved by their own votes against him.

There is no evidence to suggest any of the members of the sham impeachment committee accurately recall what Trump said that day, so here is a clip from the rally that preceded the incursion at the Capitol.

“I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,” Trump said.

Democrats never mention this critical segment of Trump’s remarks when they talk about the January 6 incident because it completely debunks any notion that he somehow incited violence. President Trump urged his supporters to protest in a peaceful manner, which is a constitutional right guaranteed to every American.

While Democrats say Trump incited violence with his words, “fight like hell,” as the impeachment trial proved, politicians frequently refer to a fight without intending to encourage physical violence. Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and Kamala Harris would have been impeached by now if they had been held to the same standards.

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In fact, Trump simply encouraged his supporters to exercise their constitutional rights on January 6, 2021, and yet Rice asserted that he was somehow protecting the Constitution by impeaching Trump over his broad remarks that were ultimately interpreted out of context.

It is absolutely illogical and absurd to argue that he should remain in Congress, and that is why voters removed him. One of the most powerful acts Americans can do to make their voice count and be heard is to vote. Politicians must be held accountable for their actions especially when they completely go against that of their constituents in which the are supposed to represent.

It should be no surprise that a “red wave” is coming to wash out the Washington DC “swamp” in 2022. Americans are sick of being promised a bill of goods only to be sold down the river by their representatives. We can peacefully and rightfully take our country back and put it on the right track simply by replacing the people in office who are acting in their own best interests regardless if it’s to the detriment of this great nation.