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Trump tears into ‘Clinton judge’ for his ‘very nasty, wrong, and ill-informed statements’

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This week, President Donald J. Trump was enraged with California Judge David Carter when Carter falsely accused Trump of signing his name to phony election fraud accusations about the 2020 Georgia election.

Trump accused the judge chosen by Bill Clinton of making ‘very nasty, wrong, and ill-informed statements.”

Trump further remarked that the judge made the charge in a context in which he cannot defend himself – namely, in the ongoing legal hearings for conspiracy theory attorney John Eastman.

A day prior, the U.S. district court issued an 18-page judgment in response to Eastman’s effort to prevent the publication of his emails to the House January 6 Committee.

He stated that some of these emails demonstrated that President Trump misled to officials when he signed a sworn statement verifying inaccurate information regarding Georgia’s 2020 election count.

‘Who’s this Clinton appointed “Judge,” David Carter, who keeps saying, and sending to all, very nasty, wrong, and ill informed statements about me on rulings, or a case (whatever!), currently going on in California, that I know nothing about – nor am I represented,’ Trump wrote on his app Truth Social.

‘With that being said, please explain to this partisan hack that the Presidential Election of 2020 was Rigged and Stolen.’

He added, ‘Also, he shouldn’t be making statements about me until he understands the facts, which he doesn’t!’

Eastman has maintained that his emails are protected by attorney-client privilege and so should not be released.

He discovered that they were in furtherance of a crime, one of the few instances in which these legal protections can be withdrawn.

Carter said that Eastman advised Trump in December 2020 that the data he was using to claim the election was stolen was inaccurate.

Carter said that Trump disregarded the warning and subsequently lied to the authorities by claiming huge voting fraud had happened.

“Meanwhile, Trump was embroiled in more legal drama on Wednesday. The former president had been ordered to sit for a deposition by the lawyers of writer E. Jean Carroll, an advice columnist who is suing Trump for defamation after he denied her accusations of sexual assault,” The Daily Mail reported, adding:

‘On December 4, 2020, President Trump and his attorneys alleged in a Georgia state court action that Fulton County improperly counted a number of votes including 10,315 deceased people, 2,560 felons, and 2,423 unregistered voters,’ Carter wrote.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

‘President Trump and his attorneys then decided to contest the state court proceeding in federal court, and discussed incorporating by reference the voter fraud numbers alleged in the state petition.

‘On December 30, 2020, Dr. Eastman relayed ‘concerns’ from President Trump’s team ‘about including specific numbers in the paragraph dealing with felons, deceased, moved, etc.’ CONTINUE READING…

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