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Trump Teases A ‘Major Announcement’ TODAY With Video Of Him IN A Superman Outfit Shooting Lasers From His Eyes

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Former President Donald Trump is renowned for his directness. In reality, the former president announced his candidacy for the White House in 2024 just a month ago.

Although he remains extremely popular among conservatives, several Republicans do not want Trump to run again, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is rapidly gaining ground as an alternative candidate for the Republican nomination.

Trump is the only candidate who can declare, “I’ve already did it,” therefore MAGA fans are certain that he is the one to turn the country around in these perilous times. Trump has already resolved every issue now plaguing American culture. Trump has asserted that he solved all of the nation’s issues, and before announcing his candidacy, he declared at one of his rallies, “I may have to do it again.”

Despite current differences of opinion within the Republican Party, the Trump Train continues to go on. Yesterday, Trump offered a preview for TODAY on his own social network.

A video in the form of a movie teaser announces that a “big announcement” will be made on Thursday. Trump himself live says “America needs a Superhero” to superhero-themed background music, fading into an animated image of Trump in business attire depicting him with ripped muscles ripping his shirt open to reveal a red muscular chest emblazoned with a “T” in the style of the “S” associated with Superman and other action heroes. As Trump talks, the term “Superhero” appears across the screen.

His eyes are coated with gold, and gold light emanates from them, implying he possesses some undefined superpower. The beams of light emanating from his eyes are reminiscent of movie premiere spotlights.

The photograph depicts him in front of Trump Tower, one of three buildings his legal team had a contractor examine for further federal materials as part of an ongoing Justice Department inquiry into a cache of “classified” documents discovered at Mar-a-Lago. This investigation is but one of the several legal obstacles Trump is facing. His legal staff is kept busy defending him against assaults, none of which have led in charges being brought against the former president.

The superhero picture fades as a burst of light moves from right to left, as if representing a superhero’s split-second dash, and then a spinning image depicting MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT THURSDAY DECEMBER 15 fades in, as if announcing a forthcoming film.

Thank you very much! Trump authored a small post. The video displayed Thursday, December 15 as the announcement date.

Daily Mail said that Trump has not held a campaign event since announcing his candidacy, fueling suspicion that he may deliver an update on his intentions to interact with voters as Republicans examine who they want to carry the party banner after the GOP won the House but lost a Senate seat.

Just days after the November elections, when several Republicans criticized the former president for supporting unsuccessful candidates such as Georgia’s Herschel Walker, Trump announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. However, several of the Trump-backed candidates won their contests nationwide. In Arizona, it was revealed that Trump supporter Kari Lake had lost, but she has filed a lawsuit against the state alleging that unlawful voting methods prevented her from winning.

Two years before Election Day 2024, a fresh Wall Street Journal survey of likely voters finds DeSantis in the lead. The survey revealed that 54 percent of potential primary voters supported DeSantis, compared to 38 percent who supported Trump. This advantage climbs to 30 points among more moderate Republicans, despite the fact that they tend to be a negligible influence in the Republican primary. 43 percent of voters had a favorable opinion of DeSantis, compared to 36 percent for Trump.

Trump is currently the target of a variety of attacks from the Democratic administration, whereas DeSantis has been victorious in his battles against federal mandates and large corporations in his state, and is now assembling a commission to investigate vaccine-related health problems and potential legal action against the vaccine industry, which has stated that it is not liable for any damages to the health of individuals resulting from vaccination.

Thus, Trump is currently the underdog. It is important to remember that in every superhero narrative, the underdog becomes the superhero, and that the underdog’s vulnerability frequently becomes their greatest strength. Today, the accompanying announcement from former President Donald Trump will be revealed.

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