Trump To Be Getting Back In The White House – But Not In 2024…

Have you heard about Brand Cates(a.k.a) THUNDERDOME?

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He’s shared some pretty interesting and on-point facts about the return of President Trump in the White House.

Here’s what he has written on Substack:

“Donald Trump always assures his supporters & the Media he’s going to run again for President in 2024 to “address the RIGGED & STOLEN ELECTION of 2020.”

Many are casting his recently held massive rallies as Trump campaigning to do just that.

I disagree.

Trump & his people are pursuing a pathway back to the CURRENT Presidency they rightly view as his via a decertification of KEY STATES that would strip Puddin’ Head Joe of his ASTERISK Presidency & restore it to the rightful winner of 2020’s Presidential Election.

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Steve Bannon claims Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona & Pennsylvania are preparing to decertify their 2020 STATE Elections for President of the United States which would remove their individual State’s Electoral College Points from the tally that was originally certified on January 6th, 2021 that put Biden over the necessary 270 needed to win the Presidency.

(A certification propelled by a TERRORIST ATTACK launched during that joint session of Congress by political operatives working for the DNC & “the very rich & very stupid people” Trump’s mentioned funding the lion’s share of America’s woes).”