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Trump to Make Major Move After Booking Tuesday: Report

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At first look, one would not anticipate the first-ever indictment of a former president to work in his favor, especially considering that he is running for president again.

Nevertheless, this is Donald Trump we’re discussing. If there is one thing we have learned about him, it is that he can exploit any situation to his advantage.

This indictment appears to be no different, and it appears that Trump has something special in mind for his Tuesday surrender.

A source close to Donald Trump told The Washington Times on Saturday that he intends to conduct a press conference immediately following his arraignment in New York City.

While the accusations against the former president are extremely thin and unlikely to hold up in court, many on the left are already concerned that the indictment would backfire catastrophically on the Democrats.

Yet, Trump’s choice to convert the arraignment into a press conference — or, more appropriately, a campaign rally — might be fatal to the Democrats’ efforts to remove him from office.

In spite of everything the Democrats have thrown at him over the past seven years, from “Russian collusion” to the 6th of January, Trump continues to enjoy widespread support within his voting base.

This is partially due to the fact that the Democrats, out of animosity for the previous president, only offer him free exposure.

Trump is indisputably one of the most media-savvy personalities in the world, regardless of your opinion of him. His whole mode of operation is based on the belief that there is no such thing as negative publicity, and he can convert any event into an opportunity to spread his message.

It appears that the Democrats have not yet figured this out, which only benefits his campaign.

As a result, when Trump said two weeks ago that he anticipated to be jailed, many people assumed that it was only a publicity stunt.

Now that he has been officially accused and will be arraigned, Trump will receive the intended boost.

The Democrats should carefully consider their next step. In 2024, even the smallest error about this indictment might spell doom for them.

Obviously, if Trump has fight this issue while campaigning for president, it will be more difficult for him to campaign.

Yet the Democrats may have just given Trump everything he needs to retake the White House in the next year.

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