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Trump To Visit East Palestine And Make A Big Act Of Generosity

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The derailment of a train and the dumping of poisonous gases and garbage into the environment in East Palestine, Ohio, have caused air and water pollution and other difficulties. Sick and dead animals have been reported, and photographs of them have been shared on social media.

A delegate from the EPA of the Biden administration visited the region and deemed the air and water to be “safe,” but now claims that the issue is being monitored. President Biden and other key government officials have not visited the site of the accident, save for the Environmental Protection Agency.

When the United States celebrated President’s Day, Vice President Biden was in the news for an impromptu journey to Ukraine to meet with President Zelensky. He made headlines for writing in a visitor log how great Zelensky is and how Biden feels deeply about Ukraine.

Biden’s frequent journey to Europe demonstrates that his heart is not in East Palestine. Biden is now touring Ukraine and Poland, but has no plans to visit the Ohio town.

After waiting over two weeks to mobilize aid for East Palestine, Ohio, the Biden administration suddenly announced on Friday that it would dispatch emergency response teams from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to East Palestine (CDC).

The joint statement by Ohio Governor Michael DeWine and the Federal Disaster Management Agency (FEMA) came only seconds after Donald Trump’s declaration that he will visit the East Palestine town on Friday.

FOX News reported that Trump will be in East Palestine today, Wednesday, to meet with neighborhood residents and donate cleaning materials and hundreds of bottles of water straight to the town.

Reports Becker News:

Former President Donald J. Trump will not only be traveling to East Palestine, Ohio, the site of an ecological disaster, but he will also be making a big act of generosity towards those who have been left in its wake. Donald Trump will be meeting with members of the community who have been exposed to toxic chemicals following the Norfolk Southern train derailment on February 3rd. He will also be donating more than a dozen pallets of clean bottled water to the community, a spokesperson told Fox News.

Trump is planned to give the East Palestine village “thousands of gallons of cleaning supplies” and 13 pallets of water, each containing more than a thousand bottles of water.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Trump is teaming up with nonprofit organizations Blue Line Moving and KORTX in order to get the people exposed to the toxic spill the aid they need.

“President Trump is meeting with the citizens of East Palestine and will never forget them and what they are going through,” a Trump advisor told Fox News. CONTINUE READING…

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