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Trump TV Host Blindsided Outside Rally By Twist Ending To Question

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Matthew Alvarez, the anchor of Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), expressed incredulity when a supporter outside of President Trump’s rally in South Dakota made a prediction that the next individual to acquire the presidency will not be Trump.

Former President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Friday evening. Before the event, ardent supporters patiently waited in line for several hours. RSBN, a media entity that routinely interviews Trump supporters in line, was present to document their perspectives.

During a noteworthy incidence brought to light by Ron Filipkowski, a person offers to place a cross on Alvarez and co-host Vanessa Broussard. When the individual predicted the identity of the upcoming president, a brief period of confusion ensued…To quote Doug Burgum:

FAN: Would you wear our freedom?

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: Yes, go ahead, sir. For freedom and across. I mean, these are things we believe. And of course I can’t. That’s awesome. Thank you. That’s very nice of you. And where do you serve? In the military.

FAN: Vietnam.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: Yeah. Thank you for your service. Here we go.

VANESSA BROUSSARD: His outfit is now complete, sir. Thank you.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: That’s very nice. I mean, isn’t that the truth? I mean, it’s. It’s God and freedom. President Trump is standing for both, and that’s why we want him back, right?

FAN: Yeah. That’s why we want him back.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: Amen to that. Where are you from?

FAN: God’s country.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: All right. God’s country. That’s a good place to be from.

FAN: North Dakota.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: All right. Nice. Very nice. So tell us about the..

FAN: Land of the new. The new president, Right? Burgum. President Burgum.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: Well, President Trump, of course, in 24. (nervous laugh) Well, there you go. So now you’re good. Okay. A live moment right there.

VANESSA BROUSSARD: I like it! Thank you.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: Isn’t that something? Thank you, sir. Thank you.

FAN: Would you like one too?


MATTHEW ALVAREZ: And while while she’s getting that pinned on her lapel there, one thing that’s interesting as well.

FAN: Digging in here.

MATTHEW ALVAREZ: Mike Lindell posted a picture one time and it had President Trump holding a hat up and the hat said, Jesus is my savior and President Trump, you are Trump is my president. So right there, we were talking about that yesterday, right, with, you know, Jesus being our savior and then Trump being our president. I mean, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

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