Trump Won Chant At President Trump’s Rally In Michigan

An electrified and huge crowd was gathered on the latest amazing President Trump’s rally, held in Michigan

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And, during one part of Trump’s rally in Washington Township, Michigan the sea of Trump supporters started to chant “Trump Won”.

The chant started when President Trump was talking about how Biden is entering into a disastrous deal with Iran and then followed it up by saying he would handle Iran differently if it wasn’t for vote counters rigging the election.

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Besides calling out Biden, Trump also called out Hillary Clinton which led to the famous “lock her up” chants:

President Trump, who is very friendly at his rallies, also quoted one of his supporters.

While talking about trade deals a supporter yelled out “Get rid of Trudeau!” which responded in Trump chuckling and quoting the man who yelled it.

President Trump is the real President!

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He’s such a “people-person”.

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