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Trump Would BEAT DeSantis by More Than 17 POINTS if The Republican Primary Was Held Today: Poll

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Even though Gov. Ron DeSantis is speculated to be competing for the job in 2024, former presidential candidate Donald Trump remains the most popular Republican. This demonstrates that Trump and his program continue to wield enduring sway among Republicans.

A new Morning Consult survey of 3,763 prospective Republican primary voters was released on Wednesday, despite the fact that Trump has been the target of multiple claims from his opponents since leaving the White House.

Trump is campaigning on a “National Greatness Agenda” for 2024, which prioritizes the United States.

In November, when he launched his candidacy, Trump disclosed the specifics of his plan for a third presidential term.

“First and foremost, President Trump made sure to affirm that his campaign will be driven by the interests of the American people. “This will be our campaign, all together, because the only force strong enough to beat the massive corruption we are up against is you, the American people,” he said, as reported by RSBN.

Trump declared during the unveiling that the “National Greatness Agenda” will oppose the disastrous radical ideas of the Democratic Party and “restore the spirit of our nation,” which had waned under Joe Biden, whom he dubbed “the face of left-wing failure and Washington corruption.”

Trump affirmed that he will again prioritize bringing supply chains and manufacturing back to the United States “as we were strongly doing during the Trump administration, and we will systematically bring back wealth, health, and success to the American middle class, and to America itself,” the president added.

President Trump pledged to “restore and secure America’s border” as illegal immigration continued to plague the nation and the Biden administration remained aloof.

“We will begin the process of safely removing the illegal, alien criminals that have been unlawfully allowed into our country. We have no choice, ” Trump said. “We will stop the flow of deadly drugs and horrible human trafficking, which both have been set upon us like never before.”

48% of respondents want the former president to lead the Republican ticket for a third time, outpacing DeSantis, who is the runner-up with 31% support by a huge 17-point margin.

Multiple surveys have shown that DeSantis might surpass Trump as the Republican frontrunner. The 2024 election campaign season has not really begun, so it may be too early to say.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Though the Florida governor has not explicitly shared interest in running for the White House in 2024, his refusal to rule out a potential primary challenge to Trump has infuriated the former president.

In a podcast appearance on the right-wing show The Water Cooler earlier this week, Trump dismissed DeSantis as a legitimate challenger and took credit for his narrow 2018 victory for the Tallahassee executive mansion – a race Trump endorsed in. CONTINUE READING…

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