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Trump’s Boeing 757 Is Back and 1 Key Change May Signal What He’s Doing Next

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The airplane referred to as “Trump Force One” has resumed flight.

CNN reports that the former president’s personal Boeing 757 was observed landing in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.

The plane was receiving refurbishment at an aviation maintenance facility in Louisiana.

CNN has received flight record data indicating that the plane conducted pattern flights above Lake Charles, Louisiana, possibly as part of tests prior its return to service.

“It is common after a plane has had upgrades — or other new equipment or general avionic tweaks — for pilots to make a series of test flights to ensure safety and function,” said former National Transportation Safety Board official Peter Goelz.

CNN reports that the plane landed at an airfield 15 minutes away from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. Its new placement suggests that Trump plans to put it back into regular usage.

During its period of refurbishment, the aircraft got several aesthetic modifications.

A “T” for “Trump” has been replaced with an American flag on the tail of the jet, possibly indicating that the aircraft would be used in a forthcoming presidential comeback campaign.

Eric Trump uploaded a video on Instagram describing the modifications made to the aircraft.

In a July statement, Trump committed to restore the aircraft to flight in the fall of 2022 or “perhaps sooner.”

A video published on Twitter by the Trump Organization showcased some of the repairs.

The jet became a symbol of Donald Trump’s historic 2016 presidential campaign, with the tycoon frequently delivering speeches shortly after exiting the aircraft.

As president, Trump ceased utilizing the 757 in favor of the Air Force One aircraft.

If Trump were to return to the White House in 2024, he would be the first president to serve non-consecutive terms since Grover Cleveland.

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