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Trump’s Closest Confidante Just Brutally Turned On Him With Top Secret He Told Jack Smith

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A previously undisclosed dossier has come to light, revealing fresh information regarding the endeavors of members of Donald Trump’s inner circle to dissuade the former president from instigating his supporters on January 6th.

ABC News reported that Dan Scavino, the former Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications in the Trump White House, was interviewed by the team of Special Counsel Jack Smith subsequent to the denial of his executive privilege petitions last year. The report outlined vital information that was provided by Scavino, Nick Luna, a former staff member of Trump’s, and other individuals who were in close proximity to Trump on the specified day. Regardless of any prior assertions of executive privilege, these individuals are presently subject to legal obligations to cooperate with Smith.

Previous analyses of the breaching of the United States Capitol have emphasized that notwithstanding the advice of his advisers, Trump refused to quell his irate supporters.

“According to what sources said Scavino told Smith’s team, Trump was ‘very angry’ that day,” ABC reported. “Not angry at what his supporters were doing to a pillar of American democracy, but steaming that the election was allegedly stolen from him and his supporters, who were ‘angry on his behalf.’ Scavino described it all as ‘very unsettling,’ sources said.”

During that time period, Scavino, an employee of Trump for the past three decades, was the only person besides Trump himself with access to Trump’s Twitter account. As reported by ABC, White House advisers reached out to Scavino in response to Trump’s critique of former Vice President Mike Pence’s lack of support for his plan to nullify the 2020 election results. They expressed skepticism regarding Scavino’s choice to publish the statement at a time of critical and uncertain circumstances.

As stated in the report:

Scavino said he was as blindsided by the post as they were, insisting to them, “I didn’t do it,” according to the sources.

Some of Trump’s aides then returned to the dining room to explain to Trump that a public attack on Pence was “not what we need,” as Scavino put it to Smith’s team. “But it’s true,” Trump responded, sources told ABC News. Trump has publicly echoed that sentiment since then.

At about the same time Trump’s aides were again pushing him to do more, a White House security official heard reports over police radio that indicated Pence’s security detail believed “this was about to get very ugly,” according to the House committee’s report.

As Trump aide Luna recalled, according to sources, Trump didn’t seem to care that Pence had to be moved to a secure location. Trump showed he was “capable of allowing harm to come to one of his closest allies” at the time, Luna told investigators, the sources said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

After a duration of over thirty minutes, Trump granted Scavino permission to post a message on Twitter that he had composed, urging the rioters to maintain a peaceful demeanor. However, according to reports, Trump’s advisors continued to insist on taking more action. Scavino verified that Trump had further apprehensions beyond halting the incident. CONTINUE READING…

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