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Trump’s Last 2 Tweets Just Resurfaced — Reveal Bad News For His Haters

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It’s kind of hard to lead an “insurrection” when you are telling everyone to “remain peaceful,” and to “support Capitol Police,” and to “stay peaceful.”

Elon Musk revived President Trump’s Twitter account last night.

This occurred hours after a Twitter poll asking whether or not the 45th president should be reinstalled.

More than 15 million Twitter users participated in the survey.

51.8 percent voted yes and 48.2 percent voted no (probably mostly bots voted no).

To muzzle President Trump, bots and communists voted no.

Trump’s Twitter account was restored immediately after Elon Musk promised to do so.

And because his account was terminated on January 8, 2021, his tweets from that week were his last before the left silenced him.

And look what appeared!

President Trump urged protesters to remain and maintain a peaceful stance.

Trump even encouraged the protestors to “support Capitol police” after they fired without provocation gas canisters, rubber bullets, and mace at the throng.

The Biden administration is presently conducting a special investigation into Trump for orchestrating an uprising. All of their proof is fabricated, insufficient, or simply false.

Let us pray that the genuine criminals who planned and instigated the January 6 assaults will one day be apprehended and punished.

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