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Trump’s Lawyer Says There’s Something She Expects to Happen to Trump in the Next Few Weeks

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According to one of former President Donald Trump’s attorneys, a fourth indictment is imminent.

Alina Habba told Fox News on Sunday that she anticipates Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis will secure an indictment against the leading Republican candidate for president in 2024 within the next few weeks.

As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday, Trump has been unsuccessfully attempting to prevent an indictment alleging election interference in Georgia during his challenges to the 2020 election results.

Sunday on WXIA-TV it was reported that the indictment could be issued this week.

Halina indicated that this would not be unexpected, stating that Willis is preparing for her moment in the limelight.

“I think if you look at the barricades, the fact that she’s got her PR team doing fresh pictures for her, it’s a good indicator that Fani wants her moment and she will get on the bandwagon with the rest of the corrupt DAs and AGs that we’ve seen out of this country,” she told Fox News.

When asked how Trump would respond, Habba stated that his response last week when he was arraigned on charges of contempt and obstruction in relation to his election challenges spoke volumes.

“I think what he said outside the last Jan. 6 arraignment was perfect. It says it all. This is not America. This is not how you fight your political opponents, because you can’t win on issues and you can’t win on policies,” she said.

A disproportionate quantity of effort, according to Habba, is being devoted to diminishing Trump’s standing with the electorate, despite the nation’s numerous problems.

“Your borders are going to hell. We have drugs and pandemics. I mean, it’s a mess. Our country is a mess. So what do they do? They arrest Trump over and over again to distract you from the corruption that’s happening inside the Biden administration and the policies that they can’t win on.”

“When they come at you in such an unwavering way, in such an un-American way, an unprecedented way, you know that they’re afraid,” Habba said.

As for whether the indictments would end his candidacy, she said, “He’s also very much in love with this country, and they’re not going to stop him.”

In addition to last week’s indictment, the former president had previously been indicted in New York on charges of falsifying business records related to the 2016 campaign and in federal court on charges of mishandling classified documents.

Politico reports that the probable offenses in the Georgia case include solicitation of election fraud, conspiracy to commit election fraud, intentional interference with the performance of election duties, and perjury.

Trump proclaimed last week that the criminal proceedings brought against him were beneficial to his campaign.


The timing of the impending charges, according to Habba, is exceedingly suspect.

“Look at Fani, [she waited] two years, but she’s bringing this case now. Why? Because of election interference. They want to keep him tied up in trials, keep his lawyers tied up so that we’re distracted and not focused. It’s not going to work. He is a machine, and he knows what he’s doing in a campaign. You know, he’s done this rodeo before,” she said.

According to WSB-TV, Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat stated last week that he is prepared to process Trump.

“Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” Labat said.

“If an indictment came today, we would be ready,” he said, according to the New York Post.

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