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Trump’s Top Co-Defendant Makes Alarming Admission Live On Fox News

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John Eastman, a co-defendant in the Georgia election case, appeared on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program for a two-part interview on Wednesday night and raised eyebrows with statements that many observers interpreted as an admission of culpability, leaving some individuals perplexed.

For MAGA supporters, this narrative may contain a much larger element that Trump’s opponents are overlooking.

The fact that Eastman appeared so confident on the day he turned himself in for charges in Fulton, Georgia, affirming that he believed the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the American people, makes this extremely odd.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, recently defended Eastman in a blog post in which he noted Eastman’s stellar reputation as a prominent Constitutional scholar:

With Ingraham’s interview, the Fulton, Georgia situation has become more perplexing.

Eastman, a 63-year-old Republican attorney and former academic, assisted President Donald J. Trump in the days following the shady 2020 election.

Here is what he told Ingraham about his perspective, which has people discussing Eastman’s association with Trump:

“You know, I had written a very prominent article on birthright citizenship. That was one of the issues he wanted to take up in the campaign, and when other law firms were withdrawing, and they needed a Constitutional expert, I had that connection with him,” Eastman said.

“But I’d also been retained by the Florida legislature in 2000 as an expert on these very issues. So, there were probably half a dozen people in the country that had ever dealt with them before, and I was one of them. So, that kind of jumped me to the front of the line, I suspect.”

During his time at CU, Eastman published an opinion piece asserting that Kamala Harris was ineligible to be vice president because her parents were immigrants, making him a target of the administrative state.

“After connecting with Trump, Eastman became a president’s legal team member in 2020. Eastman is now indicted in two recent cases involving Trump – the January 6 insurrection case and the case regarding election interference in Georgia,” according to Mediaite, who added:

The Jan. 6 Congressional Commission has called Eastman one of the scheme’s architects to overturn the 2020 election.

In the interview with Ingraham, Eastman said he has “lots of evidence of fraud.”

Ingraham asked Eastman at one point in the interview, “And just again, to clarify this, on January 6th, what did you want to happen?”


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