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Trump’s Truth Social Media Firm Files $3.78 Billion Defamation Lawsuit Against WAPO

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In the ongoing saga to ‘Get Trump,’ social media influencers, activist groups, grassroots marketing platforms, and even corporate media have degraded themselves to the point of publishing outright rumors and gossip without validating sources, or their sources have produced hoaxed documents, in an attempt to influence public opinion with fake news.

This year, it appears that all journalistic ethics and morals have been thrown out the window, while media corporations do little to defend themselves from defamation lawsuits.

In the run-up to the 2024 elections, with Donald J. Trump as the front-runner, attempts to take him out of the race are a multi-billion dollar industry, with digital media serving as a “Lady of the Night” for the highest bidder.

Integrity is no longer a characteristic of the leading producers of news content.

In April, the media reported a ‘riches to tatters’ story about a political operative named Will Wilkerson who disclosed documents to the federal government about President Donald J. Trump’s Truth Social network.

Even the radical far-left media organization, The Washington Post, reported on Wilkerson’s disclosed documents, which is notable because they are now named in an enormous defamation lawsuit for publishing Wilkerson’s defamatory story.

The trail of breadcrumbs begins here:

From the Daily Mail article:

‘I knew the risks’: Whistleblower executive who handed feds 150,000 docs about Trump’s Truth Social now works as Starbucks barista for $16 an hour Will Wilkerson was fired as an executive VP at Donald Trump’s Truth Social after giving 150,000 emails and documents to federal and state investigators * He now works as a barista for $16/hour at a Starbucks location in North Carolina, as he has now turned into a federally-protected whistleblower

*After applying for other jobs only Starbucks called him back with other companies shunning him given the drama he became embroiled in Will Wilkerson, 38, a former executive who was vice president of operations for the Trump Media and Technology Group, overseeing the development of Truth Social is now working as a barista trainer at Starbucks in North Carolina in a $16-an-hour job. He was fired six months ago by Trump after giving 150,000 internal documents, contracts, and emails to the Securities and Exchange Commission and federal and state investigators. Wilkerson’s high-paying job with Trump, together with stock options, had the potential to make him a millionaire.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Still, he decided to distance himself from the Truth Social platform after he became concerned that investors in the company might be at risk of losing their investments. CONTINUE READING…

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