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Truth About Rubio Canvasser Assault Comes Out As Arrests Were Just Made

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By cruelly inciting an attack on a Republican in Florida who was out canvassing a neighborhood for Republican US Senator Marco Rubio, the disgusting and violent left has taken up the mantle of the Democrat party and Democrat Joe Biden.

According to media reports from Wednesday, “2 dogs unleashed on Rubio canvasser AFTER violent beatdown; second arrest made as senator rips media.”

After police detained a second suspect, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio slammed the media for its “biased & irresponsible” portrayal of the attack on a Republican volunteer for his campaign in Miami-Dade County.

The victim informed authorities in a sworn statement that he was barred from passing by because he was a Republican, despite police reports not mentioning any political purpose for the attack, which drew ire from the GOP senator from local Florida media outlets.

According to Hialeah police, 27-year-old Jonathan Casanova was detained Tuesday night in Miami Beach’s Pine Tree Park for his involvement in the Sunday assault on Christopher Monzon, a campaign worker for Rubio. Javier Lopez, 25, joined by Casanova, is accused of ordering his dogs to attack the victim after setting them upon her.

According to reports, Monzon was canvassing a community for the Rubio and DeSantis campaigns. He was distributing fliers while sporting a campaign shirt for the former and a cap for the latter when two suspects allegedly obstructed his way.

“Police said while the victim was handing out flyers, the two suspects were blocking the sidewalk and Casanova told him ‘he couldn’t pass through because he was a Republican and his dogs were ready to attack,’” WPLG-TV reported.

The South Florida news source claims:

Lopez “rushed the victim and threw him on the ground,” according to the arrest records for the suspects.

Lopez then allegedly started hitting the victim, while Casanova allegedly “began to kick the victim on the head as he was on the ground.”

Authorities claim that after Casanova was finally yanked away from the victim by a bystander, the latter went to his white Mercedes-Benz SUV, let out two German Shepherds, and guided them toward the victim, who was still lying on the ground.

Casanova allegedly gave the command for his dogs to assault and bite the victim, according to the police report.

According to authorities, neighbors apparently heard the ruckus and got involved, separating the males.

When the police arrived, Lopez was still on the scene, but Casanova had left. Lopez supplied police with information that resulted in Casanova’s arrest on Tuesday after Lopez helped Monzon identify him.

In today’s American society, when the left regularly labels conservatives as Nazis and racists on television and imprisons the political rivals of the Biden administration, handing out leaflets for Republicans is risky.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

There are now neighborhoods in America where Republicans are not welcome, and they apparently come complete with Black-Panther-style neighborhood watch squads. If you are caught being Republican in these places, you can be attacked. This voter intimidation is happening in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Incredibly, it was initially reported that there was no indication the attack was politically driven. But a light investigation into the arrest report revealed how Casanova allegedly told Monzon that he could not pass by because he was a Republican. CONTINUE READING…

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