Truth Finally Comes Out About Epstein NOBODY Expected

Jeffrey Epstein was a CIA or Mossad agent trying to compromise high-level assets, is a theory being floated by popular broadcaster Joe Rogan. Rogan stated so in late July on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

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Rogan said that he believes that Epstein, a convicted pedophile was part of a plot to collect sensitive information about the rich and powerful, which may be why he has so many photos of people in compromised situations.

During the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the partner of the deceased Epstein, both Hollywood and DC were in a panic that the information Epstein had collected over the decades would become public.

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And now there is a reminder that academia also has a lot to worry about if Epstein’s alleged blackmail information ever makes it mainstream.

A little background:

In May 2020, Harvard found that the University accepted more than $9 million from Epstein during the decade leading up to his 2008 sex crimes conviction in Florida state court but barred him from making further donations after that point.

The report showed that Epstein visited the Cambridge, Mass., campus more than 40 times after his sex conviction, including as recently as 2018.

Martin Nowak, a Harvard professor with close ties to Epstein and who allegedly gave him an office on campus, was disciplined by the school.

The visits by Epstein stopped after other researchers complained to Nowak about Epstein’s presence, investigators said. As a result, Nowak was punished by the University in 2021, according to reports by the University.

On the show, Rogan read an article about Epstein’s connection to Harvard University and to Nowak, where shocking details emerged about Epstein.

“Epstein regularly visited, had card key access to, and Was provided designated office space within the program in evolutionary Dynamics until 2018,” Rogan read from an article.

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“So that means they gave him that at Harvard after he had been arrested for ‘f_*king’ underage girls and had an office, Rogan said in reaction to what he read,

“Granting him that level of access raises serious questions about the compliance with Harvard’s policies and, beginning in 2017, about whether or not professor Nowak acted in deliberate circumvention of Harvard security procedures,” Rogan went on to read from the same article.

“So he was arrested, and did he did, he did time by that date, which is crazy,” Rogan said.

“So look at this here. Harvard University said Friday that convicted sex offender Jeffrey. Epstein donated more than 9 million to the University over the course of a decade and had an office on campus after his 2006, arrest now. So, he was arrested in 2006. And then, And after that up until 2018, still had an office there. That is so crazy,” Rogan said.

The article Rogan was reading is from 2020 and found on CBS Locals.

On Monday, Mediaite reported Rogan’s co-host for that show, Whitney Cummings, a comedienne who had much to say about the Epstein-Harvard connection that Rogan had introduced.

“Well, he definitely donated some money to science,” Rogan said.

“You know, but I had a conversation with a scientist who didn’t buy into that Epstein stuff and wouldn’t go to the meetings and stuff like that.”

“And he said, he was really shocked at how little money he actually donated.”

“Interesting,” Cummings said.

“He goes, ‘It wasn’t that much money.’ He goes, it was really like, ‘he was more than that,’” Rogan said. “He was bringing them to parties. Like it was an intelligence operation,” Rogan said. “Whoever was running it, whether it was, the Mossad or whether it was CIA or whether it was a combination of both — it was an intelligence operation. They were bringing in people and compromising them.”

“And then when they would compromise them, they would use, you know, whatever they had on them to influence their opinions and the way they expressed those opinions,” Rogan added. “And I don’t know why they would want to do that with scientists, which is really strange to me.”

Cummings then joked: “Epstein’s like, ‘I need you to do a study about how 15-year-old girls are adults. They’re more mature than we thought.’”

Rogan replied: “I don’t know. I mean, I would imagine the money goes — like if you have a research grant and say like, you’re working on a cure for leukemia or something like that, you know, you find established scientists that are working on this thing, and then you allocate money so that they can work on projects, whether or not the person who donates the money has any influence on how that money is spent — I doubt it.”

“I highly doubt … legitimate scientists would adhere to that,” Rogan added.

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“Maxwell’s late father, Robert Maxwell, was rumored to have had ties with the Israeli intelligence service Mossad,” The New York Post reported on Monday.

The report cleared Harvard’s senior leaders of wrongdoing, saying they acted appropriately in their dealings with Epstein.

Other universities have also faced scrutiny over their ties to Epstein, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The former director of MIT’s famous Media Lab, Joi Ito, resigned in 2019 amid uproar over his financial connections to Epstein. He issued a public apology and vowed to raise money for victims of trafficking.