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Tucker Carlson Calls World Leader, Gives Him Warning

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A cautionary message from Tucker Carlson to Justin Trudeau.

The conservative talk show host threatened the Canadian prime minister in an Instagram video on Monday that he would “liberate” the nation from Trudeau’s rule.

“Yes, hi. I couldn’t understand the French part, but it’s Tucker Carlson calling from the United States, and I’d be grateful if you’d pass a message on to the prime minister, Justin Trudeau,” Carlson said in the video.

“We are coming to liberate Canada,” he continued. “We are coming to liberate Canada, and we’ll be there soon. Merci.”

The former Fox News host added the following to the accompanying post: “See you soon, Canada.”


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The Calgary Herald reported in November that Carlson would be conducting a speech and live interview with Alberta Premier Danielle Smith during his Wednesday visit to Calgary.

Sam Blackett, the premier’s press secretary, said at the time, “The premier participates in a variety of public and private events and does interviews with dozens of reporters, broadcasters and podcasters from across the political spectrum.”

He continued, “Obviously, she does not subscribe to every view of every interviewer or reporter she speaks with whether that’s the CBC, the Toronto Star, or Tucker Carlson.”

“The premier aims to share Alberta’s message with as many people as possible whether they’re from Alberta, Canada, or around the world,” Blackett said.

Carlson has openly expressed his contempt for the Trudeau administration and has even contemplated the feasibility of securing its independence from the prime minister’s governance.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“Why should we stand back and watch our biggest trading partner, the country with which we share the longest border — and actually a great country, I love Canada … Why should we let it become Cuba?” he said on his Fox News show last year.

“Why don’t we liberate it?” Carlson said. “We’re spending all this money to liberate Ukraine from the Russians, why are we not sending an armed force north to liberate Canada from Trudeau? And I mean it.” CONTINUE READING…

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