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Tucker Carlson clobbers Chicago mayor over crime hurting the ‘poorest people’

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Hypocritical Democrat Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, ran on a platform of being a great humanitarian who would save the poorest people in her state and fight crime on their behalf. During her campaigns, she portrayed herself as a champion who would improve the quality of life for Americans of lower socioeconomic status; but, according to sources, her disastrous leadership has harmed the “poorest people.”

As is usual of politicians, they campaign on promises they have no intention of keeping to the American people, and they frequently utilize their positions of power and authority to obtain rewards for themselves and their pals while neglecting the people they are supposed to serve.

According to her BIO: “Lightfoot is an attorney and politician serving since 2019 as the 56th mayor of Chicago. She is a member of the Democratic Party. Before becoming mayor, Lightfoot worked in private legal practice as a partner at Mayer Brown and held various government positions in Chicago.”

Lightfoot faces an election in February.

According to local Chicago news:

“Her own internal polling, conducted January 18 to 22, shows her leading the race with 25%, followed closely by a surging Paul Vallas at 22%. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, once considered the front runner, falls to third at 18%, followed by Willie Wilson at 11% and Brandon Johnson also on the rise at 9%. There are 10% undecided, no one else has more than 2%.”

“The poll that we released today is consistent with what we’ve seen,” Lightfoot said, “me consistently in the lead, and Chuy Garcia now dropping like a stone and Paul Vallas certainly rising. But folks, I would love to have Paul Vallas as my run-off challenger.”

However, news sources disagree that Lightfoot’s acceptance rating is that high. Fox News revealed in early January that Lightfoot was besieged and recruiting teachers to get their pupils to help on her campaign; she now faces an ethics investigation for this conduct.

Lightfoot is experiencing a great deal of difficulty, and Tucker Carlson exposed her on his Tuesday night broadcast. Lightfoot’s campaign is illustrative of what is occurring in politics around the nation: an abundance of insider methods to fool unhappy people.

Carlson criticized Lightfoot for her terrible activities while in office and had plenty to say about how Lightfoot was making things much worse for the people of Illinois and how her actions seemed intentional.

Carlson has often said that Lightfoot is the country’s ‘worst Mayor’, and he has highlighted

Biz Pac Review covered Carlson’s latest take-down:

“Someday, historians will untangle one of the biggest mysteries that we’re living through, which is why would our leaders want to make our society more dangerous? Why do they want more rape and armed robbery and murder? Clearly, they do want that,” Carlson, an honorary member of the Daily Caller News Foundation’s board, said.

“Why? We don’t know. We can only chronicle the effects. Lori Lightfoot has made Chicago intolerable for people and so dangerous. That’s intentional,” Carlson continued. “She banned police from chasing criminals on foot, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera and as a result, the poorest people are suffering the most. Street vendors robbed all the time.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Lightfoot suggested that vendors carry less cash during a Thursday mayoral debate when asked about increasing crime rates in the city. The increase in crime, including a 15% rise in robberies and a 56% spike in sexual assaults, caused many corporations, including Boeing, Tyson Foods and Caterpillar, to leave the city. CONTINUE READING…

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