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Tucker Carlson Destroys Paul Pelosi Narrative in 47 Seconds

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On Monday, Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson demolished the dishonest leftist plan to smear Republicans and pushed back against MSNBC’s ludicrous assertions that the guy suspected of assaulting Paul Pelosi on Friday is a right-wing radical.

The media immediately reported that a “MAGA Republican” broke into Pelosi’s San Francisco house and was responsible for the attack, despite the fact that there was no evidence to support this claim and, in reality, the reverse was true.

“Deranged right-wing fanatics, Trump-media allies and some of the most powerful people in the world were feverishly trying to stir up conspiracy theories that distracted from the central political headline of this story: that years of Republican propaganda and Trump-fueled fascism led 42-year-old David DePape to break into Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home, seemingly with the intent to harm her,” Brzezinski said.

Tucker Carlson criticized the lack of reasoning of the media lapdogs who blamed Republicans for the attack.

“[David DePape] is a mentally ill, drug addicted, illegal alien nudist who takes hallucinogens and lives in a hippie school bus in Berkeley with a BLM banner and pride flag out front… What does this sound like to you? Carlson said.”

From the event, DePape faces eight accusations, including two federal and six state crimes. According to a news release from the Department of Justice, DePape faces federal charges of assaulting an immediate family member of a United States official in retaliation for the official’s performance of official duties and attempted kidnapping of a United States official for performing official duties.

In addition to these accusations, according to The Hill, DePape will be charged with state offenses of attempted murder, burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon, elder abuse, false detention of an age, and threats against a public official and their family.

Carlson stated that the issue “who exactly is David DePape” may remain unanswered since “many in the media seem studiously uninterested.”

Carlson referenced the efforts of journalist Michael Shellenberger, who unearthed some of the information Carlson divulged.

During his initial court appearance in San Francisco on Tuesday, the man accused of assaulting Paul Pelosi, the spouse of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pleaded not guilty to all state counts.

David DePape, age 42, is facing many state counts, including attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon, according to San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. These accusations are in addition to the federal assault and attempted kidnapping counts against DePape.

At his arraignment on Tuesday, DePape renounced his right to a hearing within 10 days, and Judge Diane Northway scheduled a hearing on November 4 in San Francisco Superior Court to determine a date for the preliminary hearing and bail determination.

No cameras were permitted in the courtroom during the arraignment.

Adam Lipson, DePape’s attorney, stated outside the courtroom,  “There’s been a lot of speculation, a lot of rumor, simply based on the nature of this case. So I’m not going to add to all the speculation by talking about the facts of this case right now.”

“What I will say is that there’s been a lot of speculation regarding Mr. DePape’s vulnerability to misinformation and that’s certainly something we are going to look into, that we are going to delve into, as his defense team, but again it would be premature to talk about that at this time,” Lipson said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Jenkins has said that based on DePape’s statements, it appears the attack was “politically motivated.”

“Yes, it appears as though this was, based on his statements and comments that were made in that house during his encounter with Mr. Pelosi, that this was politically motivated,” she said.

DePape, according to court documents, told police he planned to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage, calling her the “leader of the pack of lies” promoted by the Democrats. CONTINUE READING…


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