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Tucker Carlson reveals the ‘precise moment’ Washington decided to ‘send Donald Trump to prison’

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Fox News is struggling in the ratings, while Tucker Carlson’s new independent programming on Twitter is completely dominating the media.

Carlson may have received more views in three weeks than all other media combined in a year, and what he is disclosing about how Washington, D.C. operates is more fascinating to Americans than the propaganda of the corporate media.

In the past two weeks, Carlson has published three videos that have received over 205.1 million views collectively. His content, which includes commentary on former President Donald Trump’s indictment and criticisms of the Washington establishment, continues to resonate with a significant audience.

Carlson has thus far published three episodes on Twitter, with the most recent appearing on Tuesday. The Daily Mail reported that in his third Twitter program, Tucker Carlson asserted that Trump had created a ‘blood enemy’ of the Federal Government, and the charges Trump encountered this week serve as evidence.

Carlson claimed on Tuesday night, after Trump appeared at a Florida courthouse, that he was indicted because he “dared to challenge the U.S. military industry, and question America’s role in international conflicts”.

Trump also claimed that the Washington, D.C. establishment decided to oust him because he opposed participation in foreign conflicts. He claimed that the intelligence community lied about Iraq’s possession of mass destruction weapons. Since February 16, 2016, it was inevitable, said Carlson, referring to a Republican primary debate held in Greenville, South Carolina. That was the day Donald Trump made the federal government his mortal adversary, the largest and most potent organization in human history.

The Daily Mail reported additional information regarding Carlson’s third Twitter program.

Trump was ‘doomed’, according to Carlson, when he condemned the Iraq invasion, and he told the South Carolina audience, ‘They deceived. They were aware that no weapons of mass destruction existed. Carlson added, “Seven and a half years later, we can pinpoint the exact moment permanent Washington decided to imprison Donald Trump.” The allegations were made by the former Fox News anchor in the third edition of his social media newscast, Tucker On Twitter, which has replaced his primetime program.

Fox fired Carlson in April and is now pursuing legal action to prevent him from broadcasting on Twitter, asserting he cannot host a show until his contract expires in 2025. However, Carlson’s attorneys insist that Fox executives violated his contract and rendered it null and void, allowing him to air his program. Tuesday evening, he asserted that Trump’s indictment was a result of his foreign policy and aversion to international involvement. “The vast majority of Washington’s permanent residents decided that thwarting Trump was the most important mission of their lives,” he said.

He began by describing what he believed to be the culmination of a conspiracy to remove Trump from office. Carlson stated, “The Biden administration arrested Donald Trump this afternoon; they had him arrested and fingerprinted in a Miami courthouse as if he were a convicted felon.” These are the initial stages in a process designed to imprison Donald Trump for the remainder of his life. It was broadcast live on cable news: “It’s unprecedented,” they said with an expression of astonishment. No one should be surprised, he said, because his arrest was long overdue and was precipitated by his questioning of American foreign policy. A illustration of a courtroom is shown.

He said his fate was sealed not by rhetoric around immigration or China. ‘Identity politics doesn’t mean much to permanent Washington,’ said Carlson. ‘What matters, then and now, is foreign policy. The invasions and occupations and proxy wars. The decisions which determine which global populations will thrive, and which will die. The policies that come with trillion dollar price tags. The ones which, over time, made the counties around DC the richest suburbs in the world.’

He said that whenever ‘Congress decides to start a war, no matter how foolish or counterproductive or obviously disconnected from America’s interests that war may be,’ the political class respond enthusiastically. ‘The leaders of both parties automatically jump behind it like circus clowns,’ Carlson said, arguing that they stayed in formation until it was decided it was acceptable to admit the war had been a failure. ‘Until then, no dissent is allowed,’ he said. ‘That’s the first rule of Washington. But somehow Trump didn’t bother to follow it. He’s from out of town so maybe he didn’t know it was a rule: maybe he just didn’t care. Either way, seven and a half years later we can point to the precise moment that permanent Washington decided to send Donald Trump to prison.’

Carlson asserted that Trump’s opponents in Washington, including Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Pompeo, had gotten close to him in an attempt to bring him down.

‘The stealthier ones took another path. They ran towards Trump, not away from him,’ said Carlson. ‘They did this in order to be able to subvert his administration from inside. They were there slobbering over their boss with elaborate self-abasement, as if they were addressing a monarch of a God. It was a scene from the Ottoman court. It was filthy and decadent and false.’


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