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Tucker Carlson’s Blunt Question Leaves Nikki Haley Stunned to Silence

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Tucker Carlson spent the majority of Friday interrogating Republican candidates for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination, including former UN ambassador Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina who was the first to challenge her former employer, Donald Trump.

The Daily Signal reports that Carlson once asked Haley a direct query that “caught her off guard.”

During a discussion on climate change and energy policy, the former Fox News personality asked, “Who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline?”

In September 2022, an explosion devastated a portion of the conduit that transported natural gas from Russia to Germany beneath the Baltic Sea.

“I don’t know, I mean, do you?” She said lightheartedly.

Carlson made a jest about there being evidence to support the Biden administration’s culpability, but the Pentagon, the White House, and other federal agencies have all denied involvement.

The earlier discussion focused on the environment and the natural resources necessary to sustain the American economy.

“You dealt with this question all the time at the UN, the question of, ‘how does the world respond to climate change?’” he began. “But there are really two questions. One, is the climate changing…but the deeper question is why? We had glaciers 10,000 years ago, the climate has always changed dramatically since the formation of the Earth.

“Do you think humans are causing this change, and do you think we can stop or slow it down? Is there actual evidence?” he asked directly.

Haley took a moment before responding to recover her breath.

“I mean….I don’t…” she began.

“Honestly, I don’t know how much is being changed or not, as much as I know that putting electric vehicles on the road is not the answer to what you’re doing,” she finally said.



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