Tucker Gets In Massive Brawl With Lying GOP Rep On Live TV

After weeks of telling Americans that a no-fly zone in Ukraine would lead to a Nuclear War with Russia, some American civil servants have changed their approach to the foreign conflict and are supporting a no-fly zone over Ukraine, without any explanation about their change of heart about something as drastic as Nuclear War.

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Tucker Carlson, the host of a Fox News show, Tucker Carlson, had a Florida Republican congresswoman named Maria Salazar on the show to talk about why she supports the No-Flyzone over Ukraine.

Notably, Salazar’s district includes much of Miami.

The exchange between Carlson and Salazar was confusing and frustrating because it showed that our US lawmakers and civil servants are oftentimes just virtue signaling, without an understanding of what they are supporting, and that they may not have a firm grasp on reality when it comes to the national security of the United States of America.

Carlson explained in the opening that he had discussed Salazar previously, “making fun of her statement” that freedom isn’t free, to a response about potential nuclear war with Russia.

Carlson’s Wednesday episode, where he interviewed Salazar, left many viewers wondering if we have any serious people in government leadership at all -because Salazar came off as flippant, unserious, and confused.

Salazar, 60, a former news anchor and reporter for Telemundo and Univision, attracted attention last week by backing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, and Tucker leaned into her pretty hard on the show about her actions, which is hypocritical compared to how she acts about the disastrous US border with Mexico.

Carlson took her to task.

‘You don’t seem as appalled by the violation of OUR borders!’ Tucker Carlson has fiery clash with the GOP rep who says she’s open to no-fly zone over Ukraine but not sending troops to the US border with Mexico.


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Salazar pushed back on Carlson and with great passion defended the US plans to send weapons to Ukraine, as requested on Wednesday by President Volodymyr Zelensky when he addressed Congress.

Based on Salazar’s actions, Carlson accused her of wanting to drag the US into war with Russia and Salazar said that she was not dictating policy in Ukraine, and was merely supporting Zelensky in every way she could.

Salazar was properly virtue signaling.

Carlson, knowing the makeup of her district, questioned her over her immigration proposals, which she shockingly said halt new illegal immigration and provide dignity to undocumented people already here, showing a total lack of support for protecting the United States of America in the way she wants to protect Ukraine.

Carlson persisted and boldly asked her why she was so keen to defend the borders of Ukraine but less interested in the US-Mexico border,

Salazar, in the fiery 20-minute debate, confusingly insisted that she wanted to protect the US-Mexico border with all means possible, short of sending troops.

Carlson had a fiery debate with a GOP congresswoman who said she’d be open to supporting a no-fly zone over Ukraine – but not to troops being deployed to the southern border.

Salazar explained her openness to a no-fly zone by insisting it was not her first choice of measure, and that it was ‘not for her’ to dictate Ukraine’s military strategy.

Carlson countered: ‘You don’t seem as appalled by the violation of our borders by tens of millions of people,’ Carlson said.

Salazar refused to back down, answering: ‘That’s hypothetical again,’ in reference to an earlier scenario presented to her by Carlson.

Salazar said: ‘I am for — all the technology we could find so we can secure the border. All the military, veterans, the police forces that we could hire so we could secure and seal the order not only for people, but fentanyl and child ex traffickers.

‘So as I told you, the bill is right there. It’s technology, it’s not so simple is to say are going to put this or that, it’s a series of technicalities of technology that we need to use.’

Amid the combative discussion, with Salazar accusing him of twisting her words, he asked her again whether she would send the U.S. military to the southern border.

‘Let me just ask you a question: can you see why Americans who support the Ukrainians’ right to secure their own borders – I certainly do, most people do, all Americans do – can you see the frustration that they might feel listening to you, a lawmaker, say yeah, there’s a process, when it happens in a foreign country we have to spend billions, members of the U.S. military, your sons, but we can’t kind of do that here – because why?

‘Can you sort of understand the frustration little bit?’

Salazar replied that she never suggested sending U.S. troops to fight in Ukraine.

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‘I have never said that I want to send troops, our boys, to fight in Ukraine because I don’t think that Zelensky is asking.

‘We are sending at the same time stingers and javelins and ammunitions – we are sending a lot of things.’

Carlson replied: ‘Why don’t we protect our border with the same seriousness?

‘But you’re not. You’re not treating our border crisis with any level of the same seriousness.