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Tucker Reveals Top Pick For Trump’s Vice President Nominee

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Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson declared on Tuesday that he would support Vivek Ramaswamy’s bid against former president Donald Trump for the vice presidential nomination. Carlson underscored Vivek’s progress during his campaign for office, highlighting a significant shift in his stance towards authenticity.

“I kind of like Vivek,” Carlson stated, acknowledging the criticism Vivek often faces. “I think he’s one of those people who everyone beats up on… for being he’s a phony and all this stuff.”

“I feel like Vivek’s positions have gotten much more sincere since the beginning of this.”

“I watch him with Nikki Haley and I’m like, ‘this is a guy who’s very offended by her views.’ He’s not attacking her because she’s a woman, he’s attacking her because he actually thinks her views are terrible for the country he lives in. And I love that,” Carlson finished.

Ramaswamy, a notorious entrepreneur with “anti-woke” views, has abstained from traditional political positions. However, discussions surrounding him have consistently centered on his potential selection as Vice President by Trump. Ramaswamy and Trump have engaged in previous banquets and meetings, and the latter’s laudations of Ramaswamy’s unwavering support have sparked speculation regarding Ramaswamy’s potential position in a Trump administration—conceivably as his running mate.

Within Republican circles, the support of an individual such as Tucker Carlson is substantial. The remarks made by Tucker Carlson have brought about a critical juncture as the Republican Party prepares for the upcoming election cycle. Given the increasing circulation of speculations concerning a potential running companion for Trump, Vivek’s political stance could potentially position him as a formidable candidate in the vice presidential race.

Conversely, Carlson has declared his intention to oppose Trump’s reelection campaign should Haley be selected as his vice presidential nominee. Carlson referred to Haley’s participation on the ticket “disastrous” and criticized her for, in his view, acting contrary to the nation’s best interests.

Despite his initial aversion to holding public office, Ramaswamy seems to be reconsidering the idea of running for president on Trump’s platform, especially if he fails to receive the party’s nomination in the 2024 presidential election. Haley, an additional candidate, has concurrently reacted vehemently to Ramaswamy’s assault. His frequent criticism of her foreign policy stances has earned her the moniker “RINO.”

Particularly following the November Republican presidential debate, Ramaswamy intensified his disapproval of Haley, focusing on her professional trajectory subsequent to her tenure at the United Nations. “Her time at the United Nations was not her true foreign policy experience,” Vivek stated. It was the subsequent millions of dollars she amassed. Her family establishes Allied Defense LLC, a military contracting firm, subsequent to her resignation. It is imperative that Allied Defense disclose the identities of their clientele in the event that the mainstream media fulfilled their responsibilities.

Haley was also subjected to criticism by Ramaswamy, who referred to her as “Hillary Clinton on steroids” due to her alleged receipt of covert speaking fees and corporate stock options during her presidential campaign. He stated, “These are not the folks we should want deciding whether to send your kids to die fighting somebody else’s war, whether it be Biden or Haley”.

Ramaswamy has frequently expressed his disapproval of Haley on multiple issues. “Look, the bombs explode, her bank account grows. That’s Nikki Haley’s business model. As far as I know, the woman’s never made an honest dollar in her life.”

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