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Twitter Erupts in Speculation After Noticing Strange Marks on Biden’s Hand

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It’s not a good day for President Joe Biden when he does a series of addresses in Florida and Twitter is divided between complaints about his most recent error and questions about weird markings on his hand.

The White House hoped that Biden’s visit to Florida on Tuesday would generate headlines claiming that the Republican Party had spiraled out of control and was in the hands of extremists. Biden was in Florida to campaign for Democratic candidates Charlie Crist and Val Demings, who were trailing in the polls.

“This ain’t your father’s Republican Party,” he told the audience in Fort Lauderdale. “This is a different deal right now.”

In Golden Beach, Florida, he attempted to blame Republicans for not apologizing sufficiently for the attack on Paul Pelosi. On Friday, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was allegedly attacked with a hammer at the couple’s house in San Francisco by a nudist activist from Berkeley with a penchant for conspiracy theories and drug and mental health difficulties.

“Look at the response of Republicans, making jokes about it,” the president said, according to The Hill. “These guys are extremely extreme.”

Biden’s health, however, became a concern following the Florida trip, first due to an error he made in Fort Lauderdale in which he mistook Ukraine with Iraq and then said his son Beau had perished there. Beau Biden, who served in Iraq, died of brain cancer in Maryland in 2015.

Then came the image used by The Hill to promote an article on the president’s remarks at Golden Beach:

Which led to more than a few questions about what was on his hand:

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Some people on Twitter — most of whom seemed to lack medical credentials, it must be noted — seemed to think it looked like either an IV mark or an infected wound: CONTINUE READING…

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