Twitter Users Notice A Creepy Details In Lightfoot’s Latest Vax Photo

It’s weird enough that Lori Lightfoot is using “dollar bills” in a weird vaccine stunt, but things got even more bizarre when Twitter users noticed something odd about the couch in her photo.

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Vax marketing has really gotten out of line lately. States have used pizza and donuts to promote a vaccine for a virus that is wreaking havoc on the obese.

The latest is this Lori Lightfoot campaign, where she’s standing in a “living room” with the words “GET VAXD” spelled out in money.

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“many things and concerns to point out here and this is probably not in the top 10 but someone was definitely grinding their feet on that couch”

“Nothing creepy to see here folks…just the mayor of a huge US city, standing by some money and a filthy sofa”

“use that money to get that dirty couch cleaned!!”

“Pick up some of that money and go get a new couch”

“I don’t know who looks more beat up, Lori or that couch LOL”

“My city is so poor they couldn’t even afford a clean couch”

People weren’t impressed with Lori’s look either:

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“Not taking health advice from someone who looks like a sickly toad tbh”

“Take the money and get your huge suit tailored”

“She looks like a Batman villain with that money and pose.”

“”It’s simple, we kill the Batman.””

“the reboot of MTV Cribs sucks”

“Whoever told her this was a good tweet should be fired immediately”

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“That ugly dirty couch looks better than she does”

People on social network are really tired of being manipulated. And they’re on a “threat-alm”, spotting easily anything, as “small” as this – to mock the elites.

I love it!