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Twitter Users Notice Important Object Missing from in Front of Biden During Speech

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President Joe Biden gave an additional contentious and rhetorically risky speech against his political opponents on Wednesday.

He warned of the threat presented by Republican “election deniers” who may not accept the results of the forthcoming midterm elections without question.

However, Twitter users were quick to point out that Biden’s address clearly lacked something.

While the absence of the presidential seal may at first seem insignificant, the Association of Mature American Citizens noted that “the missing seal is symbolic, as it represents the United States of America missing a true President.”

“The presidential seal is a symbol of American pride, prestige, and exceptionalism. Since Biden has taken office, America’s border, economy, military, morale, and reputation have all been destroyed. The missing seal from Joe Biden’s podium was noticeable, but fitting because America is missing its president,” the article concluded.

It is difficult to disagree with AMAC’s assessment of the current situation of the nation, despite its unpleasantness.

Obviously, Biden is the president, but in the previous two years, he and his administration have done so much to destroy and split the country that it is practically hard to declare that the United States has a legitimate leader.

As inflation rates reach all-time highs, the typical American will soon be unable to buy necessities such as food and gasoline.

The national crime rate continues to rise, particularly in places governed by leftists who have adopted a lenient stance towards offenders.

Meanwhile, the southern border remains wide open, as unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants continue to pass and a record number of people die attempting to cross.

Then there are the huge failures in foreign policy, such as the calamitous retreat from Afghanistan and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

In the midst of all these difficulties, the president’s attempts to shift attention away from the real “threats to democracy” presented by his political opponents have only succeeded in further dividing the nation.

Biden and the Democrats appear to have adopted the policy of demonizing the Republicans in order to deflect from their lack of leadership, as the midterm elections are only four days away and there is no genuine plan to solve the very serious problems facing America today.

Therefore, the absence of the presidential seal at Wednesday’s event was quite appropriate. Although Biden has the post and title of vice president of the United States, he has done little to qualify him as a real leader.

Compared to previous President Donald Trump, this is a stark contrast. Whenever Trump delivered a speech as president, there was no doubt as to who was in command.

With the likelihood of another Trump candidacy for the president growing, perhaps we can begin to hope for the return of genuine leadership.

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