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Two MORE Defendants Indicted in Yuma County Ballot Trafficking Scheme

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In the midterm elections of 2022, ballot trafficking is already a concern, weeks before the actual election day in November. Instances of actual ballot harvesting are occurring, while the lapdog media concentrates on demonizing those who seek to restore the election system’s integrity.

Arizona is a genuine battlefield. Browse the breaking news:

Wednesday, the Arizona Attorney General’s office reported the indictment of two additional suspects for voter fraud in San Luis, Arizona.

“The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Guillermina Fuentes, who was convicted of a felony earlier this year, ran a very sophisticated ballot-harvesting operation in the border city of San Luis. Alma Yadira Juarez also pleaded guilty to a class 1 misdemeanor and was sentenced to only probation,” Jordan Conradson reported, adding:

“Juarez, who was indicted in December 2020, admitted to authorities that Fuentes gave her the ballots to stuff into ballot boxes. Fuentes was later indicted for multiple felonies.

Current city council member Gloria Lopez Torres and Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin, also known as Nadia Buchanan, were each indicted with two class 6 felonies for conspiracy and ballot abuse on October 3rd.”

Conradson added further information:

“Gloria Torres is a current San Luis City Council Member and Gadsden Elementary School District Board member who faced a recall effort last year stemming from her political ties to former Gadsden Elementary School Board member Guillermina Fuentes.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on new video footage of Guillermina Fuentes surrendering herself to the Yuma County Detention Center to serve a 30-day sentence for illegally trafficking ballots in San Luis as part of the sophisticated operation mentioned above.

These new indictments allege that Gloria Torres collected seven early ballots from Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin in the 2020 primary election, and Lizarraga-Mayorquin collected at least one early ballot from Flor Aylin Castaneda.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Gloria Torres received search warrants at the Comite De Bien Estar nonprofit office in San Luis, and law enforcement was looking for evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Election.”

Wednesday, the Arizona Attorney General issued the following press release.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

YUMA – Attorney General Mark Brnovich announced that Gloria Lopez Torres of San Luis, and Nadia Guadalupe Lizarraga-Mayorquin of San Luis, also known as Nadia Buchanan, have been charged by the State Grand Jury with Conspiracy and Ballot Abuse arising from an alleged “ballot harvesting” scheme where early ballots from other voters were collected and deposited into a ballot box on primary Election Day, August 4, 2020. The City of San Luis held municipal elections on that date.

The Grand Jury indictments, returned on October 3, 2022, allege that Torres collected seven ballots from Lizarraga-Mayorquin, and that Lizarraga-Mayorquin collected at least one ballot from a third party. CONTINUE READING…

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