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Two Prominent GOP Congressmen Have Good News About Impeaching Joe Biden

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Two Republican congressmen assert that their colleagues’ tempers are reaching a boiling point, which could lead to impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

Representative Lauren Boebert of Colorado introduced a measure to impeach Vice President Joe Biden last month, which is currently being considered by House committees. Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has also drafted legislation to impeach the president.

Last week, Montana Republican Representative Matt Rosendale stated that he now supports impeaching Biden.

According to Just the News, Florida’s Greg Steube and South Carolina’s Ralph Norman announced on Wednesday that they now support impeachment, but with a wrinkle.

The influx of illegal immigrants across the nation’s southern frontier is cited as the basis for impeachment in Boebert’s impeachment resolution. Steube is investigating a distinct cause.

“We’re actually working on our own impeachment resolution for President Biden on all this corruption, and all the laws and crimes that he violated,” he said.

The congressman has referred to the “Biden crime family,” presumably in reference to allegations concerning the domestic and international activities of the president, his son Hunter Biden, and others.

Although impeachment of multiple Biden administration officials has been discussed, Norman believes there is only one place to begin.

“If we do, I think it’ll be Biden,” he said.

“I think it’s gonna have to happen pretty quick, and I think the American people deserve this. If not now, then when?” Norman said.

Steube noted that priorities could change.

“Based on the speaker’s comments, it sounds like he’s open to impeaching [Attorney General] Merrick Garland on a number of different issues. One of those would be lying to Congress,” he said.

“That’s the top law enforcement officer in our country, and he’s using his power and position to defend and deflect for the president and the president’s family. That’s completely against the law,” he said.

According to individuals who have come forward as whistleblowers, Justice Department officials were deciding whether to investigate Hunter Biden. Garland has denied interfering in the investigation. McCarthy stated a week ago that the stakes are high for the attorney general.

“If we find at the end of the day that Garland lied, I will start impeachment inquiry,” McCarthy said in a Fox News interview.


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