Unhinged Fox News Host Flips, Could Cost His Career

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Alex Little appeared on Fox News after Tuesday’s hearing of the Jan. 6 committee.

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Little was a guest on Neil Cavuto’s segment on Fox News.

Cavuto has butted heads with Former President Donald Trump on a few occasions, for instance reportedly saying in 2019, ” Mr. President, we don’t work for you, I don’t work for you. My job is to cover you, not fawn over you or rip you, just report on you.”

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Little gave his version of some of the testimony during the hearing.

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, had testified that Trump wanted attendees of his Jan. 6, 2021 rally in Washington, D.C. to be allowed entry even if they were armed. “They’re not here to hurt me,” she recalled Trump saying. “Take the f–ing metal detectors away!”

Trump acknowledged he was not in fear of a crowd that was obviously not there to protest him.

Hutchinson also provided hearsay testimony that Trump had attempted to commandeer the presidential limousine – a.k.a., The Beast – after the rally upon being told by Secret Service they would not bring him to the Capitol, Mediate wrote.

The President attempting to use the presidential limousine to go to the Capitol does not seem unreasonable.

Mediate reported that she also testified that she heard Meadows state that Trump said Vice President Mike Pence “deserves” to be hanged for refusing to go along with Trump’s half-assed scheme to overturn the election.

A person said they heard another person say their version of what yet another person supposedly said.

“How much of this has criminal implications for the former president – again if true?” host Neil Cavuto asked Little.

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“I think a great of it does,” Little replied.

But Little did not seem to prove his statement.

He pointed to Trump’s knowledge of weapons among those in the crowd that day.

“It suggests – when there’s later violence – that he had some awareness of that and was willing to sort of, be ok with that risk,” Little stated. “The steps that he took allegedly in The Beast also show a president who was very, very adamant about getting to the Capitol even when his advisers advised him not to [and] when told that it could increase the violence. That’s extremely problematic,” Mediate wrote

It seems Trump was O.K. with going to the Capitol and had no fear of doing so could suggest that he was not expecting violence.

Little then turned to the crowd’s chants of “Hang Mike Pence!”

“And the discussions in the West Wing when he’s back in the White House where she testified about Meadow’s conversation about the president really not caring about the fact that there were chants to hang Mike Pence,” Little said. “I mean, that’s pretty damning stuff if you put that in front of a criminal jury in a criminal trial.”

An interesting concept, to damn someone over supposition and someone’s description of what they thought someone else was thinking.

Little also cited text messages sent to committee witnesses from Trump allies as instances of “potential obstruction of justice.”

NBC News had reported that there were two instances of witnesses relating that they had received emails from unknown person/s relating to their testimony, which was regarded by Liz Cheney, who is on the panel, in her words as being ‘intimidation.’

Later in the interview, Little laid out Trump’s obligations as president and said he may have committed “seditious conspiracy”:

Realistically, you’re the president of the United States. You owe an oath to everyone, including those police officers who were the Capitol and including people on both sides who are representatives inside that Capitol building. And if you are ok with there being a greater risk of harm because the folks have guns and weapons, and they’re marching towards the Capitol, that shows a betrayal of your oath.

And I think, again, goes directly in line with charges like seditious conspiracy. You can say, “Hey, I’m not worried about them hurting me.” But you need to be worried about them hurting the democratic process and the folks who are in the Capitol building, Mediate continued.

‘Seditious Conspiracy’ is a serious crime, needing unquestionable, clear proof.

Under U.S. Code, seditious conspiracy carries with it a prison term of up to 20 years, Mediate noted.

Little seems to be implying that Trump wasn’t worried about being hurt, so therefore that means he’s on board with others being hurt?

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During the interview, Cavuto then responded by calling Trump “unhinged,” Mediate wrote

At a minimum, this is the leader of the free world,” the host said. “And he is clearly unhinged.”

That’s a pretty far reach for the host of a news show.

Especially for Cavuto, who has been quoted as saying his job is not to be on one side or the other, but just to report the news.