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Unvaccinated Blood Is Now a Thing For Blood Donations

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According to media reports, Swiss naturopathic physician George Della Pietra believes that individuals everywhere should be able to choose whether or not to get a COVID-19 vaccination injection.

Pietra feels the same should apply to anyone getting transfusions of “vaccinated” blood.

“The problem is right now we have no choice,” stated Della Pietra, creator of the non-profit Safe Blood Donation program in 2021, which matches unvaccinated blood patients with donors in 65 nations.

“It was very clear from the beginning that the COVID hype was way out of control,” Della Pietra said. “It was not as dangerous as they say it was.

“As a naturopath, I can make no sense of this pandemic, which was never really a pandemic. It leaves space for so many explanations.”

Della Pietra feels that pharmaceutical corporations are unwilling to disclose the dangers of mRNA injections. The increasing incidence of adverse responses, according to him, calls their safety and efficacy into doubt.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that vaccinated and boosted individuals accounted for 58.6 percent (6,512) of COVID-19 fatalities in August, an increase from 41% in January.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cynthia Cox, the Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation told The Washington Post in an article on Nov. 23.

Nearly 70% of the world’s 8 billion inhabitants have gotten at least one COVID-19 mRNA injection since the vaccinations were introduced in 2021, at the height of the virus’s proliferation.

Each of the three major mRNA COVID-19 vaccines contains fragments of the virus’ “spike protein” that induce an immunological response at the cellular level.

These spike proteins, according to Della Pietra, cause “classic symptoms,” especially blood clots, which “horrified” him.

“I’ve never seen anything similar—and I’m not talking only about spike proteins,” Della Pietra told The Epoch Times in a phone interview.

“It’s unbelievable because we never had this problem before. It’s been only two years. They want to keep the narrative [that an mRNA vaccine] is not dangerous.”Although donated blood and plasma must undergo a cleansing process before transfusion, Safe Blood Donation says this is not enough to remove all mRNA ingredients.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“I’m talking about graphene oxide and non-declared inorganic components in the vaccine, which we can see in the blood. When I see them, I have no idea how we can get rid of them again,” Della Pietra said. CONTINUE READING…

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