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Video: Biden Responds to Reporters’ Repeated Questions About Trump Indictment

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Thursday evening’s indictment of former President Donald Trump is the most significant event of the day. Nevertheless, his successor, President Joseph Biden, had little to say about it.

Biden had no response to the queries posed by White House pool reporters as he moved from the White House to Marine One for a trip to Mississippi.

And the only inquiries they had were linked to the indictment.

A reporter screamed, “Mr. President, any reaction to the Trump indictment?”

Biden stated simply, “No”

“Are you worried this will further divide our country, the indictment?” another questioned.

Biden responded, “I have no comment on that,”

“Are you at all worried about possible protests in the wake of the indictment?” a third reporter inquired.

Biden only said, “No, I’m not going to talk about Trump’s indictment,” indicating that she must still be curious.

Eventually, one journalist believed he could succeed where his colleagues had failed.

“Mr. President, do you think the charges against Trump are politically motivated?” he inquired.

The president stated, “I have no comment on Trump” before walking to the waiting chopper.

The Washington Post posted a video of the interaction. Twitter users’ responses to the video were largely positive.

Unlike President Biden, press outlets throughout the world have had a great deal to say about Trump’s indictment since The New York Times revealed the story on Thursday.

This indictment occurred a day after numerous reports began circulating that an indictment of Trump in connection with his alleged hush-money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels was unlikely to occur this week, and two weeks after Trump warned of his impending “arrest” on March 21 and called for protests against it.

Trump has angrily disputed the accusation that he manipulated campaign finance records in relation to these payments, which is contained in the charges.

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