Video: CNN Goes Into Silence as Guest Demolishes Biden in 66 Seconds

Another 6 is missing from the number, but nevertheless, this is one devilish and hell-good demolishing of Biden and his entire regime and policies.

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CNN – the network that is so compromised, to push each and every one of Biden’s plans ahead of true reporting.

The brutal rant of Biden and his admin started when Anderson Cooper turned to Scott Jennings, former Special Asst. to President George W. Bush, and asked him to remark on the Biden presidency.

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Watch below:

”I never imagined how quickly this would all unfold,” Jennings began.

“The person they sold on the campaign,” he continued. ” The nice old moderate Grandpa who just wanted to help everybody get along and compromise is not what we got over the past year.”

“He has no mandate, really, to do much of anything,” he went on. “It’s amazing that he got a couple of things done when the mandate was pretty clear: 50/50 Senate and near 50/50 House, and a pretty close presidential election.”

“The mandate was simply ‘replace Donald Trump and don’t do anything drastic or stupid,” Jennings said. “And yet everything about this agenda is extremely drastic. And he’s been angrier than I think people expected, he’s been more divisive, he’s been more partisan.”

“You look at the issues. We built five years of coverage on Trump out of Russia, COVID, and democracy,” he added. “The president, in his press conference, invites Russia to invade Ukraine. We have more [COVID] deaths under Biden than Trump. And now we have the president and the vice president question the legitimacy of the 2022 election? Are we any better off on these issues that we crucified Trump over?”

“I think he has a lot of political problems,” he said. “And an AP poll came out this morning, only 28 % of Americans want the sitting president to run for re-election. And fewer than half of Democrats.”

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“This is a disaster,” he concluded.

Wow. No wonder CNN lost more than 90% of its ratings.