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Video of Biden Hanging Onto Chuck Schumer as They Walk Through Capitol Goes Viral: ‘Sad to Watch’

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Many are once again doubting Joe Biden’s fitness for office due to the appearance of a new odd video.

C-SPAN published on its TikTok website on Friday a video of Vice President Biden and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer heading to the monthly Senate Democrats Luncheon.

But, there was something odd about the footage. Biden first clung to Schumer’s arm as they walked slowly towards the meal. Biden suddenly let off, but continued to walk with an almost nonchalant expression on his face.


President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) walk to the weekly Senate Democratic luncheon on Capitol Hill Thursday. #potus #joebiden #chuckschumer #capitolhill #uscapitol #politics #cspan

♬ original sound – C-SPAN

Several individuals were quick to remark on the video’s visuals, stating that it did not depict the leader of the free world, but rather an elderly guy who was unable to walk and needed assistance getting someplace.

Some were more somber, stating that it was tragic and emblematic of what is occurring in our country. A Twitter user simply stated, “It’s sad to watch.”

Another remarked, “This just shows our country’s situation, a nation in decay!”

Some stated that the rest of the world is laughing at America in light of this.

This is the primary issue at hand. While we are on the edge of World War III with formidable foes, it is more crucial than ever for our leaders to present a strong image to the nation and the globe.

Nevertheless, this, along with other footage of Biden stumbling around and his countless gaffes, just makes the nation appear as a weak laughingstock.

Obviously, it’s possible that Biden wasn’t genuinely straining to walk and was clinging on Schumer for other reasons; but, without knowing the background, the optics are poor.

The crucial point is that, regardless of the circumstances, this makes America appear weak.

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